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Jul 22, 2018 · abdominal/back pain/adhesions? in Chronic Pain

My 68 yr old wife for 3-4 months has had abdominal pain mostly in the area beneath ribs. She's had gall bladder HIDA test, ct scan, ultrasound, blood and stool tests, etc. WBC 11,000 and, had slightly elevated fecal leucocyte (sp) count. No abnormal fecal bacteria. Orig. diagnosed with intestinal infection, took 14 day cipro, and 14 days metronidazole (sp?) simultaneously – symptoms regressed now recurring, with significant back pain and lower abdominal pain in the area of a 15 yr. old hysterectomy scar. Yesterday tops of quadriceps were very sensitive. Diarrhea is many times in AM, produces slimy stool on second and subsequent episodes. Poor sleeping due to pain, sleeps also during the day, regularly says she is exhausted. I wonder if adhesions from the hysterectomy might be a culprit. She is becoming depressed/frustrated. She had "cluster headaches" last summer for about six months – may or may not be related. She has frequent headaches now but not severe like the cluster headaches which actually created some mental confusion. Thanks for any positive comments/suggestions. Second visit to gastro doctor will occur asap, potential colonoscopy although she had one 7 yrs. ago. First visit to gastro Dr. produced Nexium prescription – hasn't done anything yet.