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Mon, Aug 19 11:12am · Morton's Neuroma in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had the neuroma on the left removed. He did the surgery from the top. It returned before I finished physical therapy. Another doctor removed it again from the bottom this time. I found the surgery to be very painful. When it did heal, I now have a huge scar tissue which is almost as painful as the neuroma. I still have the neuroma on my right foot, which has never been removed. I don't recommend the surgery except as a very last resort. I think the least invasive answer is to make sure you have good supportive shoes. My doctor gave me a list of shoes. One of them was the hoka one one tennis shoes. I rarely wear anything else. They are expensive and worth every penny. Wish I had found them first. Might not have gotten the neuromas. Also, he recommended never going bare footed. Good luck!

Fri, Jul 5 5:57pm · Long term effects AFTER withdrawing from Effexor in Depression & Anxiety

I took 8.5 months to wean off and was off for 4.5 months before I went back on. Quality of life got worse and worse. It did increase my blood pressure and I suffered a lot of pain after I weaned off. I read that it did suppress pain, but I do have fibromyalgia. The anxiety was horrible and the depression kept increasing. My blood pressure also seems to be going down now that I am taking it again. I'm so disappointed that I wasn't able to stay off of it, but I feel 75% better after just 2 days… I'm thankful for answered prayers because I felt like I was losing it!

Thu, Jul 4 10:41am · Long term effects AFTER withdrawing from Effexor in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks, Lisa… The worst symptoms have been trouble sleeping, anxiety, panic. Depression has been bad, feeling very sad, not able to cope, loss of joy, daily activities are just survival in addition to loss of appetite and my stomach is in knots. I did see a NP yesterday and I've returned to effexor, sad to say….

Thu, Jul 4 10:34am · Long term effects AFTER withdrawing from Effexor in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks, Lisa… With ever increasing anxiety/panic and depression, yesterday I decided to go back on the effexor. I couldn't see my regular doctor for 2 weeks and as much as I hated to do it, I made the decision that it was better than living the way I've felt for the last few months. I saw a different doctor yesterday and she agreed. I have really mixed emotions about it, but I was getting worse rather than better. I've never had anxiety before getting off the effexor. It was absolutely horrible and I hope it's in the past…thanks for reaching out!

Tue, Jul 2 1:41pm · Long term effects AFTER withdrawing from Effexor in Depression & Anxiety

Anyone else have returning depression after withdrawal from Effexor? I've been off for 4.5 months and am having increasing depression, but also a new symptom for me….. severe anxiety. Any recommendations???

Tue, Jul 2 8:44am · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Don't go cold turkey. I honestly believe it could kill you. It took me 8 months. I've been off 4 1/2 months now. You can do it, but go slowly!

Mon, Apr 1 4:28pm · Daily random shocks throughout body in Chronic Pain

@mama3 Are they on any medications? SSRIs can do that…

Mon, Apr 1 4:24pm · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@dhramsey Welcome to the forum. So sorry for your persistent headaches. Have you looked into NAD therapy? If you have't google it. I would suggest a call to the Springfield Wellness Center to see if they think they can help you…