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Wed, Jul 1 7:42am · COVID-19 Testing: How are the data calculated? in COVID-19

I haven’t been tested. I’m asking because neighbors are using this to conclude that the number of cases is exaggerated. Therefore, they don’t need to take precautions, as you and I do. I like to give them facts to dispute their statements, but I can’t find anything on this.

Tue, Jun 30 6:23pm · COVID-19 Testing: How are the data calculated? in COVID-19

I’m hearing that if a person tests positive for Covid-19, then is tested again in a couple of days and tests positive again, it’s reported In the statistics as 2 positive tests. Each subsequent positive test for that same person is counted again, even though this person did not test negative between tests. Does anyone know if this is true?

Tue, Jun 23 6:15pm · Masks: How do you encourage people that they help? in COVID-19

Colleen…It makes sense to me. Thanks for the info on the box warning.

Tue, Jun 23 1:51pm · Masks: How do you encourage people that they help? in COVID-19

I live in a retirement community. Many of my neighbors do not believe masks help stop the transmission of COVID-19. They use the Nextdoor app to post their feelings and “facts”. I usually try to convince them otherwise, but it seems to be fruitless. Today someone posted a picture of a warning on the box of disposable surgical masks (attached) to prove their point that masks, other than N95, don’t work. Can you give me some information that will help explain this warning and why these type of masks help. Thanks.

Dec 2, 2018 · Post Transplant In-home care in Transplants

I’m looking for options in the event my caregiver is unable to help me right away after a kidney transplant. Such as a Medicare approved visiting nurse service. I’m not close to Mayo Phoenix. Live on the west side near Surprise.

Sep 29, 2018 · Donor Travel Expenses in Transplants

I have a potential living kidney donor who will need to fly to Mayo Phoenix for 4 days of testing. I’m on Medicare. Does anyone know if it will pay for any of the donors travel or lodging expenses?

Sep 6, 2018 · Living Donor in Transplants

Thank you for this. I’ve been in contact with my possible donor and we’re both very frustrated at how long this is taking. I’ll ask her to contact the social worker about the medical tests. I’ve already passed all of mine.

Sep 6, 2018 · Living Donor in Transplants

I am on the kidney waiting list. Using social media, we found a potential living donor. She is blood type O+ and I am B-. For transplant purposes, I think that's an acceptable match. She has mentioned my name as the recipient in her questionnaire. About a month ago, she submitted her medical records to the living donor team and talked to a social worker. Since then, both of us have heard nothing more from Mayo. I this normal? About how long does it take for the living donor team to decide if someone qualifies as a donor for a particular recipient? Thanks!