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Tue, May 12 1:06pm · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

We mentioned advance directives. I just had a brainstorm and made a little card saying where it is and put it in the lock box with the keys so ENTs can find it.

Mon, May 11 7:37pm · Living Alone: How would you prepare in case of getting COVID? in COVID-19

I put my cell phone in a waterproof passport wallet and wear it when i am working outside or if I don't feel well.

Mon, May 11 7:35pm · Living Alone: How would you prepare in case of getting COVID? in COVID-19

I had my brother put a lock box by my front door. I have keys to house and garage in it. I went to the police station and gave them the entry code to the lockbox. Now when 911 is called the code comes up with name, address, etc. I also have my advance directive on the spare end table by the bed. I did this after I couldn't remember where to look when the ENTs came and asked for it when my husband died.

Mon, Mar 9 9:42am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Perhaps you could ask about esaphagol spasms. Several times I thought I was having a heat attack bit tests showed I did not. My neighbor had similar and they told her in emergency it was a spasm. As I thought about it thinking of the way it came and went, I am pretty sure that is what I was experienced. It is just a thought for you to think about.

Mon, Mar 9 9:42am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Thank you. That was interesting. I have had them about three times in 15 years. I could tell it was a spasm the way it relaxed as it went away, the pain disappeared immediately when it relaxed. it lasted about 15 minutes and at night. They are very painful

Sun, Feb 9 3:40pm · Stomach and esophagus cramps and spasms in Digestive Health

Hi, why not try food elimination to see if something specific is causing it. FODMAP is a list of a lot of foods that cause problems for people. It will take more work on your part to do it but the results would be worth it.

Sun, Feb 9 3:34pm · Anyone with similar symptoms & test results for abdominal pain? in Digestive Health

A section of your bowel may be pressing on a nerve. I have bloating and pain in that area, too. My doctor thinks perhaps my problem with the gut might be causing liver inflamation which can also put pressure on a nerve in that area. Another doctor years ago thought my IBS irritations were putting pressure on a nerve causing nerve irritation as far up as burning in my neck when when the IBS kicks in.

Wed, Feb 5 10:10am · Left chest lower rib cage pain moving upwards in Digestive Health

I sometimes get pain in my right breast and arm when having digestive problems. My doctor thought it might be that my digestive problems were inflaming my liver which was putting pressure on a nerve that travels that route. The only time it happens is when I have lots of bloating.