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Jul 15, 2018 · Health Habits: Medication Reminders in Healthy Living

Simple, I set alarms on my Android phone. I name them so I can remember why the alarm is going off and what I need to take. Other people thought it was a great idea and are doing it too. I have a injectable med that I keep scheduled with an alarm on my phone,,,,works like a charm

Jul 15, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hi Jen and thanks for the welcome!
I had my Spinal Cord Stimulator put in May of 2006. (I'm working my way to the pump.. :-))
My stim worked real good until I started to degenerate further down. I'd say about 3 years of fairly good pain control but once the degeneration progressed further south it didnt work. It worked about 20% of the time I had it on. So the doctors put me on more oral pain meds. (Yuck) and I was in a wheelchair for a good while. Standing was unbearable. The lumbar ridiculopathy was nightmarish. Electric current flowing down both legs in the back. I had a bandaid surgery that for lack of medical terminology, carved away some of the vertebrae to allow room for the nerve so it wouldn't be rubbing against bone. It worked. I got out of the chair. I was so blessed, I felt normal for a few years. Then in 2013 my doctor decided to put the pump in. He said it would only require 1/300th of a oral dose of morphine targeted right where my pain was. No more nausea, no more constipation, no more feeling the medication. It was going to be much better for me. I had a difficult time with the implant surgery. It normally takes 2 or so hours, mine took 5. The doctor said he got it all hooked up and it wouldn't pump the saline. (Used before the morphine is added) So, he had to back up and find the kink in the catheter. He did and like I said it worked as expected.
It was nice not to have to carry pain meds with me or not to have to keep track of when is it time for my next dose. I felt more free. More pain free than ever.
I've had it 5 years. My doctor here thought my dose was severely high first time we met. I dont remember my exact dose it's something like 4.075 mg per day. Theres not a doctor alive that wont tell you that after a while you build up a tolerance to morphine. It required a little more, and a little more to get the same relief. I hope the trial works for you. Just ask lots of questions. I'm not sure if you read all of what I wrote but not many doctors, very few to be quite frank will fill another doctors pump. Remember this if you're planning to move or travel for a extended period.
Wishing you the best,

Jul 15, 2018 · Sacroiliac joint pain and my introduction in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Yes, I recieved multiple SI joint injections. I told them why do more, the last 4 haven't helped at all? I'm so thrilled for you that you had success with your injections. My Texas doctor also did the Radiofrequency ablation procedure after I told him that the injections didnt work. I have Medicare and they are about the only insurance company that will do RFA, and only if the injection works first……I've often wondered how and why Medicare paid him for the RFA due to the absolute fact I told him I was in miserable pain 2-3 weeks post injection. He told me oh,,,,well when we burn the nerve you won't feel it hurting anymore. When you are desperate you tend to go along with what your told. Just to get some relief.

Jul 15, 2018 · Chronic pain in Chronic Pain

Hi, hope you slept well. We had severe lighting and torrential rain last night so I didnt sleep so good. I wanted to mention something you may find helpful. It's called "Effleurage Massage" for Fibromyalgia. It is just like what is used during Lamaze classes. There is little to no pressure during the massage. Just the circular movements, are used with a dry oil and music conducive for total relaxation. The goal is to get you and your muscles to totally relax, providing pain relief.
If you have a family member who's willing to help it wont cost you anything except your time. I hope you will try it. I always feel mellow and like jello afterwards. Hope this helps you. 🙂

Jul 15, 2018 · Sacroiliac joint pain and my introduction in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi Justin thanks for moving around the posts where they will get the most views and advice. 🙂 Well, my intrathecal catheter is located at the L-3 level. My pain level has increased since the first dose reduction which was last Tuesday. My low back pain, plus the SI joints which the pump doesnt help at all.
I've had a rough first week.
They're giving me Ultram 50 mg 3 times a day for the pain.
Before reduction I wasn't on any oral pain medications per my pain managements contract. My pump was due for replacement in 11 months.
My pain management doctor here in Missouri requires you to wean down for a full replacement as well as a partial. Most doctors do not require the weaning process just for the pump to be replaced only when they need to replace the catheter as well.
Do you have a pump?
The doctor I have now believes in microdosing. My doctor in Texas thought my 4 mg per day was a low dose. Microdosing may work for a new pump patient. With any opioids it takes more over a peroid of time to achieve the same pain relief.

Jul 14, 2018 · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

Same thing at my home. I'm a complainer who never feels good according to my mate.
Last year he had a operation
It was shall we say in a very delicate area of his body. Oh my.. goodness……he said he was in so much pain, he practically needed someone to blow his nose for him.
He was supposed to get up and walk around the house at least every 1.5- 2 hours.
He expected me to wait on him hand to foot. I couldn't nor shouldn't do it. The doctor wanted him up and about. It prevents blood clots. He asked me for this and that. I said you need to get up and move around. I never ask him for even a glass of water. My dear Mother had a saying, "Those who can't "see" have to "feel". Oh he felt alright. Now, he "sees" my pain a little more.

Jul 14, 2018 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

That's a very inspirational story he showed you Mercy.

Jul 14, 2018 · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

I feel your dissatisfaction with the injections. I've had so many injections, ESI, trigger point, facet injections. I ended up with Adrenal Insufficiency from all the injections. ( Addison's disease) Now that they've stopped my normal adrenal gland function I have to take steroids orally Hydrocortisone 15 mg daily in divided doses to stay alive. If I knew then what I know and go through now I would have never allowed them to put that stuff into my body, no matter how severe my pain was. I was so desperate for pain relief I did what I was told and didnt research it or question the outcome down the road. My bad….never again.
I do pray you find the pain relief you need.
My heart goes out to you.