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Aug 4, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

Thank you for taking the time to respond. It's difficult enough to get a scary diagnoses never mind think of everything else that goes along with it. You decided at the time which probably was the right approach, now I hope somebody can help you with your situation. You have definitely helped me already, and thank you for that. I find it hard in my area to talk to people that have been through this and this site has really helped. Try posting on main page.. you stay strong and keep up on your path to good health.

Aug 3, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

Thank you so much for taking time with this info. I haven't had surgery yet still undergoing chemotherapy. I actually seeing my surgeon next week, and by choice I've decided also to have a bilateral. I feel also the no worry is better for your mental health. I'm still in limbo for reconstruction.. If I do I'm waiting till after radiation, only because a friend of mine did it first and the radiation ruined what she did for reconstruction. I don't know if you have to undergo any other treatments, but chemo for me hasn't been to bad. I need 16 treatments total, and have7 more to go. Just feel tired at times, and I gained wait from the steroids. My surgery will be in October , and all this information has helped so much, and if you have any questions I should ask my surgeon would help, I've been making a list but since you been there all the help is appreciated.. thanks again you stay strong and healthy.

Jul 10, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

I'm so glad you listened to your feelings, and it worked out for the best! I'm going to talk to my surgeon about this, but she sounds like I should just do the one, but we'll see. It's different when someone doesn't have this to say, and this is a business to make money. But I'm doing lots of research, and you've helped so much and I appreciate lots

Jul 10, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

Thank you for responding. I'm still receiving chemo, and know looking into the next stage of course. All this information has been beyond helpful from people that has been through this. Doctor's don't something think of you as a whole body, so I very aware of this. I have kidney disease, but not in kidney failure so I look at protecting them also. I have Invasive lobular with dense very cystic breast, but it is in only one breast, but very difficult to see this type, only 20 percent of people get this, so that's why trying to figure out if a double mastectomy is better. Thanks you again for reaching out with your story, and do you have any feeling in that area, a nurse yesterday said you don't and never heard that?

Jul 10, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

Thanks you for responding. I actually been looking into these surgeons, they seem amazing, actually just listed to Dr. dellaCroce on podcast, and learned so much from it. But I don't think my insurance will cover, but I'm definitely going to find out. I live in Massachusetts so I'm not sure, but this place would be my first choice.

Jul 10, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

I also have invasive lobular, but it has not spread,but do don't want to worry again, I'm know reaching out to find as much information from people like you to learn as much as I can. So much is thrown at you in the beginning, and started chemotherapy first(and still am) so my treatment's first where strong, but there not now. So I feel I Can deal with my second fase easier about 4 more months till surgery, but time flies to fast so doing my homework! You also take care, and I really do appreciate, oh do you have any feeling in your area, nurse said you don't, and see never heard that?

Jul 9, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

Thanks for replying any information right know is soooooo helpful especially from somebody that had been down this road. I'm thinking to take the time for my body to heal, and make the right decision on a doctor for reconstruction if I decide to. I'm in my early 50 so will see about what to do about having a double mastectomy, they say it doesn't (doctors words ping pong back and forth) spread to other breast, but like you said who wants to deal with this again! It's all about insurance also. Thank you again for your help.

Jul 8, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

Being treated for breast cancer, having a mastectomy and was wondering what people did for reconstruction?