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Jan 3, 2019 · Down in the dumps again – challenges with adult children in Depression & Anxiety

Dear John Bishop,
Thank you so much for your wonderful and true mention of that article on "Train Your Brain for Happiness !" I have an application on my phone, which asks me the three things I was grateful for each day! It's great and extremely helpful to myself because I honestly woudn't otherwise automatically think of these kinds of good and positive thoughts, especially when I am exhausted and in Physical pain every day!

Jan 3, 2019 · Lung Cancer and Looking to 2019 and Beyond in Lung Cancer

I also appreciated the mentioning of Lung Cancer; as I just learned that the property in which I currently reside, is over a Waste site/dump! My friend also confided in myself and told me many Women living in the Townhouses on our property have Breast Cancer! My Asthma has been so exacerbated by the construction on our property, which is being upgraded, that my new Pulmonologist added a Nebulizer to my medications! I am personally furious with my Management Company; as they have been lying to us as Residents, don't care about our living conditions until things are of an urgent matter, etcetera!
I can't wait to move out of this Complex!

Nov 22, 2018 · I never thought I'd be thankful for ... in Just Want to Talk

Dear @parus I fully understand exactly how you feel and hope you can somehow think about how much you meant to your students who, were lucky enough and benefited from your teaching and your wisdom! I taught Young Children for at least 20 years; but I had a Stroke at age 40; so I am now seeking help in a class to work part time, but with the Elderly! I hope to Volunteer first under and with an activities director! I then hope to find a position where I can enjoy the rest of my life and give back to the Community , just in a different direction!
I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday season with family and friends!
I also hope I gave you some help!
Shelley Mintz

Nov 25, 2018 · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Dear @sarah49
I am on a list, to move closer to my new main hospital in Newton, MA; however, the community is for those 62 and above, unless you are Disabled! I am Disabled from my Stroke; however I am unable to move, unless my Father approves; as he informed me, that I would most likely be taken off that otherlist if I moved out of this place now! However, my Team of Providers is fully aware of my situation, and will help me file a former complaint against my Management Company to the Health Department again (I have filed my own complaints with their department twice in the past year)! I will file another one, both with the Brookline Housing Authority and the Health Department again, if Management doesn't respond in a timely manner (1 week)!

Nov 25, 2018 · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

Dear @parus I participate in many Temple community events! One 6 week class begins tomorrow, and is about Grief and Loss! I am grateful and lucky to be so involved in a Temple environment, which offers me comfort when needed! I frankly lost my Cousin 3 weeks ago last Wednesday; which was eerily the night I attended a class on Grief and Loss! I didn't know my Cousin had passed away until my Father called on the following morning! I also lost my Mother 7 and one half prior to my Stroke on 05/04/01 (October 28, 2000)!!!!! I am looking forward to participating in this class tomorrow morning; as it will get me out of my house and into a "better place", both literally and spiritually!
I always appreciate feedback, because it reminds me how important having others who have similar experiences, both cope and offer helpful, honest feedback for someone like myself!
Thank you very much!
Shelley Mintz

Nov 25, 2018 · The Great American Smokeout in Cancer Education Center

Dear Wendy Hanson,
I need HELP, PLEASE! I have lived across from a Neighbor since moving into this apartment after experiencing a major Stroke on 5/4/01!!!!! I have recently had difficulty breathing ! I am constantly coughing (hacking cough) and can hardly breathe in my own apartment! I have noticed a diminished capacity to perform easy errands and other tasks without coughing up green phlegm, and sometimes yellow as well! I am worried, that I won't live to old age now, and am only 58 years old! April 1, 2019 is when our Management Company will require anyone signing a new lease, to sign with a provision that our building will be smoke-free! However, I have inhaled so much smoke and other contaminant; such as mold for so long, that i need to have a cardiac treadmill test in December! I know my lung capacity is so bad, because it frankly hurts to breathe, even as I am responding to your post! Please inform me of some support groups, so I can "get out of my apartment a.s.a.p.!
Thank you so much for your help and guidance in advance!
Shelley Mintz

Nov 25, 2018 · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@Debraw Thank you so much for having this important discussion about Gratitude journals, and what to be thankful for on a daily basis! I have been ill and depressed lately, because smoke from my Neighbor's apartment, is causing me such an inability to breathe in my own apartment! I have lived across from a Neighbor who smokes 24/7! I have a Cooling Tower, which only works slightly; however, my inability to control my Environment has made me think twice about exactly what to be Grateful for at this point in my life! However, I am thankful for actually waking up this morning, for my family and friends; but mostly because I actually have a life worthwhile after having a severe Stroke on May 4, 2001! I am also thankful my Temple Community, which keeps things in perspective, and is helping me face the reality of life's bumps and the ability to bounce back after suffering emergency situations!