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Mon, Aug 19 3:48pm · treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

Hi @34micasita Your story sounds similar to mine. What you are going through is difficult — understatement!
Here are some links that may be helpful. http://www.ebvhelp.com
You can also check out my blog. http://www.BackToLifeWellness.blogspot.com
Use the search box for my posts on EBV, and Tips For Dealing With a Chronic Illness. Wishing you well soon!!! …..Marianne

Mon, Aug 19 8:49am · treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

Yes I believe she works with people long distance. I have had doctors chart things that were not helpful in my records as well — such as " have you ever considered that maybe there is nothing wrong?" I can only laugh at that!! Anyway, yes I am doing much better I am hoping to get back to work next year. I have been working with Dr. Roger Murphree since January. He is specialized in chronic fatigue syndrome and that is basically what I have.

Mon, Aug 19 8:02am · treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

Hi @kittykiernan What you were going through is difficult. My story is a little different but similar in that I could no longer take care of myself and had no help from conventional doctors. Here is a website that may be helpful. Kasia Kines PhD has a passion for helping those with EBV. She provides lots of information in her book and website. ebvhelp.com

Wed, Jul 24 3:47pm · EBV - How do you stay healthy? in Infectious Diseases

@donald23 Hi. IgG indicates past infection. At least 95% of the population will have a positive IgG to EBV. If that's all there is and no symptoms, I don't think there is anything to be concerned about. But of course I'm not your doctor and don't have all the details. So follow up with your doctor regarding any worries. If you want to learn more about EBV, you can check out my APRIL post at http://www.BackToLifeWellness.blogspot.com
I wish you all the best. 😊

Tue, Jun 25 8:19am · Can Mayo help with undiagnosed fatigue and brain fog? in Just Want to Talk

Hi @karina77 I'm curious if Mayo diagnosed you with chronic fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They are two different things. And how did they treat it? How are you doing now? Sorry so many questions! I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I am a healthcare professional. So I have a passion for educating others in the healthcare field. I have done a lot of research in the past year in hopes of publishing some articles in professional nursing journals to dismiss some of the misconceptions…. wishing you the best in wellness!

Fri, May 10 8:49am · Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Doctors in Just Want to Talk

Hi @karina77 Thanks for trying to help someone with CFS. It is often misunderstood by many. I chose not to go the Mayo route since their website isn't even up to date on CFS — continue to recommend cognitive behavior therapy and graded exercise therapy which in 2017 were proven inneffective or can even worsen the disease. According to the CDC it is a physical, multisystem illness. I have been on a lot of online support groups and have not come across anyone who said that Mayo was helpful with CFS. Some sufferers were even declined an appointment. I really dont want to sound all negative! Many have found improvement by working with functional or naturopathic doctors. If this person has other ongoing issues, maybe Mayo can help. We are all unique. I wish this person healing soon!

Wed, Apr 10 4:36pm · Is chronic reactivated EBV different from chronic active EBV? in Infectious Diseases

@diggydo27 Wups! My blog address above is wrong. It should be BackToLifeWellness.blogspot.com
Wishing you well!