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1 day ago · Average level of pain after TKR? in Joint Replacements

@ellerbracke I am 10 months out of my TKR and the nerves are still healing, which I am told is normal. My knee gets stiff. I also need to have my let knee replaced which has thrown my gait off and I have all sorts of aches and pains. Compared to the pain during recovery, this is tolerable. I do want to quote my PT. I was talking about being stiff one day this past winter and he said "You are now a walking barometer." The new knee will never feel like the original knee when it was at it's prime, but I can tell a difference in the stability. After falling more times than I can count in the past few years, I just want to be stable on my feet. Falling after 30 hurts a lot more! 😀 It has changed my lifestyle quite a bit. I used to be on my feet at work all day going top speed, non-stop. I am no longer able to do that. I have had to slow down my pace.

1 day ago · Knee #2- am I ready? in Joint Replacements

I hear of people getting these injections all the time. February of 2018, my right knee began to lock up and I went to the orthopedic. They submitted the paperwork for the orthovisc injections. I was told that it would take several weeks. They tried a few other brands that were cheaper when the insurance company denied the medication. Finally on April 28, 2018, my leg locked up and gave up the fight. When I went to see the doctor, I was told the shots were no longer an option and was scheduled for a TKR in 12 days. The same thing has happened with my left knee. In October, they tried to get the injections so that my left knee would be more stable as I recovered from shoulder surgery. It is now March 2019 and they have yet to approve it. So, I will be scheduling my left TKR and am hoping to wait until August. Insurance companies can be frustrating to say the least.

1 day ago · Knee #2- am I ready? in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell I see that you were able to get the synvisc shots. I tried to do that for both knees ( not at the same time) and my insurance refused to pay for them. I found that to be very frustrating. I will be scheduling my left knee this week.

2 days ago · Knee #2- am I ready? in Joint Replacements

@amytro I know every person and every surgery is different, but I thought I would share my experience with you. In my opinion I would wait several months if you are able. I had my TKR in May 2017 and like you my old knee took a beating because it was the stabilizing leg. I too was going to have the other knee replaced as soon as I recovered. However, in August, I fell and landed on my new knee and my shoulder. My new knee was fine, but in September, I realized that something was wrong with my shoulder. I went to see a shoulder specialist and found out that I had torn 3 tendons and my bicep muscle. I was scheduled for surgery in October and was released from the knee surgeon even though I was still in PT. I had surgery on my shoulder and they had to repair a good bit of damage due to the fall and arthritis. The span between the 2 surgeries was 5 months. I had a much harder time recovering from my shoulder surgery. Major surgery is a trauma to the body and in my case, I feel needed more recovery time. I was exhausted all the time and after some testing, I recently found out that I was anemic and my B12 levels were very low. I have to wonder if having the 2 surgeries so close together was a factor. I just started taking B12 injections and a high dose of iron. I will be retested in 6 months. I will be cleared from my shoulder surgeon soon and now have gone back to the knee surgeon. I am going to try and schedule my knee surgery in August. This will give me 10 months to recovery from my shoulder surgery and will give my body a chance to raise the iron and B12 levels. I wish I could have waited a few months in between the knee and shoulder surgery, but I had to have the shoulder surgery or I would have risked losing range of motion in my arm. Discuss it with your doctor. Everyone is different. My body just needed a little more time to heal. Good luck to you. Let us know what you decide. I am also interested to see how your second operation goes, since I am about to schedule mine next week.

4 days ago · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Thanks @scgraham. That is a lot different than what I felt. I wanted to be sure that I was understanding what "tight band" meant. Each surgery can be different for everyone. I am getting ready to have my other knee replaced in a few months. I am hoping it goes as well as the first one, but I have also had major shoulder surgery in between and I had a hard time during the operation and recovering from that. I am a bit nervous about it. I am sorry to hear that you have that much pain. When I was having a lot of pain with my shoulder, I read about dry needling, but never had to have it. I hope you find something that will ease your pain and give you some relief.

4 days ago · Sleep! How are you doing? in Joint Replacements

Hi @amytro. You sound very normal to me. I had my TKR in May 2018 and it I was sleepy as well. I think there were a few reasons for this and I believe I read about this as well. First of all surgery is a trauma to the body and sleep helps it to heal. I woke up a lot a night because I was uncomfortable. I hated that immobilizer that they make you wear. The compression stockings and the immobilizer made me hot. I am also a side sleeper and hated being on my back and not being able to bend my knee. Because of the way I had to sleep, I was not as comfortable and not as rested when I woke up. Doing PT wears you out!! For a while I would go to PT, walk in the door, and collapse on the couch. Also, getting around after a knee replacement is a lot harder. It takes a lot more out of you. Then the pain meds made me tired as well. It takes a while for you to build up your stamina. I had the pleasure of falling and landing on my shoulder while recovering from my TKR. So I had to have another major surgery in October to repair 3 tendons and a torn bicep. I am sleeping better now, but still not where I used to be. I still have trouble getting comfortable at night and I need a nap most every day. And now I am getting ready to schedule the other knee. One of these days I hope to get back to a normal sleep pattern. LOL!! Hope you get back to your normal sleep schedule soon!

4 days ago · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Have you tried water therapy @mhort1213? The water takes the pressure of the joints and makes it less painful. That may help relieve that tight feeling and help with your range of motion.

4 days ago · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Hi @mhort1213. I want to clarify what you mean by tight band. I had my TKR (right Knee) in May 2018, so I am 10 months out. Before surgery, my knee was extremely loose, moving all over the place, locking up, and causing me to fall. After surgery, my knee cap felt very tight. It did not move around at all. It felt like it had been cemented in place and was stuck in that spot. After a few months of therapy, it loosened up and began to move around like a normal knee cap. I am wondering if that is what you mean by having a tight band on your knee, because it did feel like that. In my case, I had fallen so much because of having 2 bad knees, that I felt safer when it was really tight. I became afraid of falling after it loosened up. My PT and surgeon, reassured me that it was normal and that my knee cap would hold steady and it has. I think what you are describing is normal. You have brand new hardware in your knee and it will loosen up. And then that will feel strange. But it will be much more stable. Good luck to you!