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Sat, Sep 28 9:52pm · I'm freaking out- please weigh in in Joint Replacements

Hi @amytro! I am amazed at all that your are able to do after 3 months. I would not "freak out." It sounds to me that you may be doing too much too soon, but you should ask your doctor about that. The one suggestion that I would make about exercising, would be to try a low impact water class. I did that after my first TKR and right before my my second one. It was much nicer because the water took the pressure off of the joints. I am hoping to be able to go back to my low impact water classes as soon as my knee is ready.

Sat, Sep 28 9:36pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell JK, I would like to know the name of the procedure if it is not to hard to look up. I have also heard that dry needling can help. I am not sure about that though. I've heard it hurts and then I've heard it does not hurt. Thank you!!

Sat, Sep 28 9:31pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell JK, my bend went halfway between straight and 90 degrees. Last week the IT band was extremely tight. I spent the weekend massaging it and doing my exercises to loosen it up. When I went to PT on Tuesday the bend was better, but not at 90. The tendon on the inside of my knee is extremely sore, I came home on Thursday and massaged it util it was bruised to try and loosen it up. I made it to 90 on Friday, but it takes evey ounce of my concentration to get it to bend. Today (Saturday) it is too sore to touch and it has hurt all day. It will bend to maybe 80 (I am just estimating) and then it is like it just can't move anymore. I am one of those people that is bound and determined to make ot work, but the knee just stops and then won't move. My PT said he did not like the way the knee was responding to therapy. I start PT once a week begining the second week of October. Last time I was much further along. I have not been able to ride the stationary bike, I am still walking with a cane, and there are a lot of things that I am not able to do at this point. It is extremely frustrating.

Fri, Sep 20 10:07pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

@donheads Because I had to stop bending my knee and let the pain ease up, I lost any range of motion I had gained. My PT is working on bending the knee again. I barely have any bend in the knee at all. While the Lyrica helps, it takes all my energy to focus on breathing so I can get through my PT working on my bend. This knee surgery has been a roller coaster ride. It seems like every step I take forward, I end up taking 2 steps back. The PT has been working on my T band and I have been massaging it at home, but today he said that it wasn't looking good. I am hoping that it is not scar tissue. I do not want MUA.

Mon, Sep 16 10:50pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell My goal is to get to the point where I no longer need the Lyrica or pain meds. I wasn't thrilled about taking the Lyrica, but for now it is the only way I can get the range of motion back in m knee. It has also allowed me to cut way back on pain meds. I have to admit my therapist is awesome!! In the past few years, I have fallen apart and have needed therapy. I have been seeing the same PT for about 2 and a half years now. I trust him when he is working on my knee. I know that if I get to the point of agony he will stop and try something new. At one point he did tell me that therapy did not have to be agonizing, that there were many other options to try. The water therapist has been great, as well. There are 2 patients with the therapist and her assistant. I get one on one attention the entire time I am there. I am sorry you had a bad experience.

Mon, Sep 16 10:31pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

Hi! @harley105. I have just had my second TKR and what you are describing is very similar to what I felt with the first TKR. I had my right TKR in May of 2018 and it took about a year for the pain and zinging to ease up. In October or 2018 I had to have major shoulder surgery as well, which meant I had to rely more on my knees to get in and out of bed. That was a bit uncomfortable. At 9 weeks you are still early in the process of healing. Have you tried loose fitting athletic pants. At home I tend to wear shorts because they are more comfortable. The pain you are describing will subside eventually. I have a small area on my right knee that is still numb and that may be permanent. It no longer bothers me. Kneeling, I am not sure will ever be the same. I got a small yoga pad, which is shaped like a small square. it cushions my right knee when I have to kneel down to get something out of the cabinet or get down on the floor. I hope the zinging pains ease up soon. I am now recovering from my second TKR on my left knee and have been in a lot of pain from the nerves. The doctor prescribed Lyrica for me, which has helped me to get through my therapy and to make the pain tolerable. You may want to ask your doctor if that is an option until the nerve pain eases up a bit. I hope that you feel better soon. One thing I can honestly say is that even though a TKR is painful, the stability that I have in my knee now has been worth it. The reason I had to have shoulder surgery was because of a fall when my knee gave out. I wish you well! Keep us updated.

Fri, Sep 13 11:37pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

I spoke with my PT and my doctor. I am taking Lyrica, for nerve pain, along with my pain meds and it has made a huge difference!! The pain is now tolerable. I have even been able to go longer before I need pain meds. The PT has been focusing on the hamstring tendon in the back og my knee. Because the pain is tolerable, he has been able to do more in therapy. Then I come home exhausted. 🙂 Even though I was told each TKR is different, I expected this one to be like the other knee. The front of my nee is still very tender and I believe the nerves are healing slower than they did on the other knee. I am not looking forward to when we have to focus on bending the knee. I am also going to be starting water therapy soon and am hoping to start bending the knee in the water where it will be more comfortable. I can keep you posted on how it goes from here.

Sun, Sep 8 10:31pm · Severe Pain after 2nd TKR in Joint Replacements

@babette I have a really good PT. He watches my face really closely to see when I have had enough. He noticed that I was having more trouble withthis knee as well. I feel like their is a lot of fluid behind my knee and am wondering if I need that drained. It seems to be keeping me from bending as far as I would like. Being checked for an infection is a good idea. Although there is no redness or major swelling. I will be making a call tomorrow. Thanks for your input!