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Oct 14, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Tim
We are the same age, and the same score.
I was diagnosed last year and at the time I felt as you do.
I wish I had more time today to answer this more fully, but here goes. This is how my cardio explained it to me.
There are broadly speaking two types of heart attack, calcified and noncalcified, you have an 87% less chance of having a heart event as the guy with a plaque and no calcium. As the calcification fortifies the plaque in your arteries.
Also, there is a study done showing that people you have high calcium scores live equally as long as guys who go on to have bypass work done.
See youtube Dr. Ford Brewer,s video on calcification, he has a high calcium score himself and he says the same thing and advises not to lower it(although I still do). Explanation to follow.
There is a very recent Lancet study(about five weeks ago) advising not to take aspirin unless you are a certain height and weight I think it was 5 10 and 70 kg. It says aspirin can be dangerous and increases the chance of stroke.
Interestingly Dr. Ford Brewer shows how he lowered his arterial considerably, he shows the paperwork to prove it.

The videos I have included above should ease your mind a little and set you on the right path.

My very best to you. Note the Lancet journal is up there.