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Jul 30, 2018 · Chronic Pain, alternative Treatment in Chronic Pain

Nah…You don't need a 'Smiley Face' for me. Have you ever noticed how much time we women spend apologizing for our nasty
moods? Our cluttered houses (if they are cluttered!)? Ad nauseum-you get the idea. I often think if I didn't spend so much time apolgizing for things (no one else cares about), I'd make a pretty good cloistered nun, of any faith. Ever hear a man apologize because the sink was full of dishes?

Jul 30, 2018 · Chronic Pain, alternative Treatment in Chronic Pain

Adhesive Arachnoiditis. I'm in the other A.A. too.

Jul 30, 2018 · Chronic Pain, alternative Treatment in Chronic Pain

Isn't it nice to have to have a place to come and just be ourselves? To just say all the things that no one else wants to hear, or pretend we're "fine" when we feel like screaming? I have a wicked disease on top of AA called subarachnoiditis (affects everything from the top of my head down), which I can find NOTHING to read about it, sorta like AA was 45 years ago, which causes all sorts of bizarre effects that I can't even describe oy vey, what madness we live with! You with whatever you're being given chemo for that even your doctor doesn't understand, me with a handful of incurable diseases that have NEVER been cared for by anyone in the medical profession(?). I think if it weren't for my Buddhist practice I'd of offed myself decades ago.But that and my insatiable interest in many, many things (plus love) saved me.

Jul 28, 2018 · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

Darn, I wish I'd been in the group when you wrote this! Though I was a professional photographer, not a nurse. I DID have to become a medical researcher, learning everything that was available in 1973 when I contracted arachnoiditis() thats to being shot full of Pantopaque). I had to become my own doctor…such an ugly time. And the surgeons who did a dual laminectomy in '75 and fused me in '76 knew not one bloody thing about adhesive or sub arachnoiditis; manalive, I really felt alone. Cripes, I was young, an artist; I didn't want to become an authority on my disease, or the woman friends called when they had questions about opioids, but that's what happened. And trying to educate the single most willfully ignorant group of all, doctors. That's wherever I've lived…clearly there are fine doctors who have devoted their lives to those of us with intractable pain. Just not in the high desert, So.CAL!

Jul 28, 2018 · Chronic Pain, alternative Treatment in Chronic Pain

I was more interested in exchanging ideas and personal responses to AA and chronic pain in general; what I've found in most other groups (usually on Facebook) is one-liners, favorite causes (never anything dealing with pain), and lots of people talking about their diets. This is why I'm in Connect. My concern with the worry I read here–with addiction has me baffled. The percentage of folks who become addicted while taking opiates for chronic pain is incredibly low. Out of 130 people, 1 will become addicted. I've had Adhesive (and sub) Arachnoiditis for 45 years, have never had decent medical care, and stupidly walked out on my pain management clinic, never imagining just how horrific the pain was gonna get. Kratom sounds like a real nightmare of a drug, and it's good of you to share your knowledge about it. The only thing available here is CBD oil, and it's pricey. I have access to everything illegal, but they don't appeal. Pot is delivered, but VERY pricey, and way too strong for me; I start hallucinating after 1 hit. If anyone reads this and knows of a natural pain killer, you'd be doing a round the clock pain sufferer a huge favor. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Jul 25, 2018 · Overdid it again! in Spine Health

Everthing I know about Arac I've had to experience; and boy was that some miserable stuff. But about the pain from yout move. I thnk we all do it. And we all know we'll feel like slime when we next wake and, once again, put me moaning in the bed .In 48 years I
ve come up with : if our work habits are a tad overboard,it's got to do with the craving we have to be someone who appears normal… normal. I'm a recluse


I want to know more about the natural things you take for pain. I don't have a doctor; but I became knowledgable when I acquired the first arachnoiditis, and began haunting the Loma Linda medical school library (ironically the same school the orthoppedic surgeons attended who butchered my spine and gave me spinal menningitis as their parting gift. So doctors aren't my favorite folks, My own learning has gonne forward for decades (and I'm an an artist/Photographer,,,,I never yearned to learn mecicine!). So pleaseshae with me.I don't take blood thinners. I take potassium for horrid leg cramps, curcumin for join pain, antioxidents, high dose B and C and so on. L'm particularly intrested in natural hormones. Excuse my wretched spelling…I'm essentially blind


In 45 years with multiple diseases/conditions I think the hardest thing I face is my own lacerating opinion of how "I should be doing", when I know NO ONE IN THE FLESH who has any of my maladys, nor any doctor who's heard of these diseases…it's absurd that I can't be kinder, more accepting with myself.I know that chronic fatigue and insomnia are built right in to AA, but COULDN'T YOU DO ANY BETTER THAN A PITIFUL 90 MINUTES OF SLEEP, CAROL? Well, no I couldn't. I haven't the time to devote even one minute to self-flagellation, not today and I hope not ever. I put away the ugly self-directed words at just about the same time I put asside the razor-sharp matte cutter blades and the utility knives, and became shamefully disgusted with what I'd done to myself for just having the nerve to be alive. Bad girl. And at 72 I think I;ll try to live moment-to-moment with what modicam of wisdom and sheer, unadulterated joy…for just being alive