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Hi Terri and all, This is a really trying time. I am exhausted just listening to all the sad news and trying to stay focus on positive things. I wish I could just go out there and held but I can’t. I am also concerned about my kids in the medical field and so many friends and families. But God bless them for all they do. I hope we will all come out off this soon and be stronger. I have found myself doing things that I haven’t done since I was in my teens 🙂 and I’m loving it. I made flowers and loved doing crafts so now that I have so much time in my hand I started doing flowers and oh my goodness I am loving it!! It’s so fun and entertaining because I’m older and have so much more patience. I never thought I would ever go back to that but it’s great. Plus I am not bored l and watching tv all day. I had to cancel my Mayo’s appointment and will be back as soon as the virus is over. I am doing pretty good except for my RA is fighting me every day. Well everyone stay safe and many hug to you all! Hugs to you terry stay strong.

Mon, Mar 9 8:31am · COVID-19 and MAC: What are you doing differently to protect yourself? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi, This is a difficult time for us all. I feel like I’m such an OCD person and it’s sad to live like this. I am constantly asking my family to stay away and my daughter who is at home and college is so scared that she’ll get me sick. My husband recently had a minor surgery and I did not even go to the hospital. I am constantly cleaning the house with wipes and vinegar like it’s always dirty. I hope this will go away soon. Please everyone stay safe this will pass. Hugs to all. Hugs to you Terri:) Rita.

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No I did not! But I will at my next visit.

Sun, Feb 9 8:08am · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Terri! I am so enjoying life as never before! I am only doing Albuterol once a day! I have been negative since July 2019!! I am seeing her soon also. Hugs Rita.

Wed, Feb 5 3:43pm · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Terri!! How are you? Happy New Year!!

Wed, Feb 5 3:42pm · Bronchiectasis: New Diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I got on here. I do read daily about all the reports. I have seen Dr Johnson and I think she’s great! I saw her last July and I felt pretty good the way she explained some of the issues we go through. I am seeing in March and I’m hoping to have positive results again. I have been tested negative for Mac and pseudomonas!! I feel great not much fatigue and I eat a lot more now. I have gained 10 pounds!!! Before that I was not gaining any weight..I am struggling with much RA pains and constantly need to take prednisone! But I am handling it and I would take RA any day instead of Mac and pseudomonas 😊 I go out more and get to see my kids and grandkids more and I’m happy I am also being very careful and wearing my masks and doing what I need to do. I hope I’ll have good news again after my doctors visit. Everyone stay safe and be blessed Rita.”


Merry Christmas to all! Health and healing! Hope and joy!!