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Sun, Jan 19 4:56pm · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

this is similar to my life as an autistic .including the physical and emotional and verbal abuse by my father and uncle to cure me and to control me from the view children are seen and never ever heard from being English. I was also buggared by my uncle or sexually abused .i was isolated mocked belittled and retreated to my studies and be a really good student friends were very hard to acquire and even at uni .i was always looking in from the outside and in a song, all my life is a circle .i agree with position we arent a disease and cant be cured by vaccines we are a neurological condition and the comorbidities that form with the extra synapses neurone s change s in biochemistry and constant flooding of the hippocampus and by the adrenal gland hormone epinephrine when we are in constant flight or fright programme

Wed, Jan 15 11:29pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

first one has to be open that we autistic and neurodiverse do operate on different operating system .Dependent on our comorbidities there will be huge variances in levels of functionality and we all have quite high levels of cognitive abilities and there is functionalities which i pact on how we operate and our express ourselves .its huge mistake to view that we are all dumb.

Wed, Jan 15 6:02pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

hi gingerw i am back

Wed, Jan 15 6:01pm · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

hello from sir Galahad Australia. I was first diagnosed as autistic in 1962 my father deliberately ignored my diagnosis and raised me as a little soldier and no feelings and to not cry and to ignore being autistic. led to years of bullying , physical verbal and mental abuse at the hands of my father and uncle and was buggared bu relatives. I grew in an extremely harsh environment and nearly suicided first at 18 then 23 then 59 and twice in the last 12 months .i was properly diagnosed autistic with clinical depression at age 5o by failing cognitive studies for sleep apnoea research because the brain waves they were getting was throwing them .wasnt till a special.ist clinical psychologist observed the results and said wow he is autistic. I am a qualified biomedical scientist currently working at Westmead children's hospital Sydney in oncology pathology as a medical scientist. I am teaching at Gymea TAFE in southern Sydney science chemistry and biology for TPC and year 10 and at 62 i ahve been a trainee anglican church minister , angus cattle farmer owned bookshops spent years doing volunteer work as a rural fire fighter in the bush . i am autistic but late diagnosis i dont ADULT FIX OR CURE PEOLPLE

Oct 21, 2019 · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Autism (ASD)

me being sillies as trick or treat

Oct 21, 2019 · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Autism (ASD)

should be celebrating all souls day and all the families and friends that have passed on before us.