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15 hours ago · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

Absolutely bring up the side effects with oncologist. You might not think of neck as join, but the spine is set of joints, and if one joint is having problems, your body might compensate by tightening muscles, etc…

I suggest keeping track and writing down your symptoms prior to appt. What causes it to be worse, what helps, when it started and anything else that will help oncologist decide what needs to be done.


2 days ago · Conflicted on taking medication in Breast Cancer

I am taking Letrozole,

3 days ago · Conflicted on taking medication in Breast Cancer

It is a very difficult decision between quality of life and chance of recurrence of cancer.

I suggest you have an discussion with oncologist about pros and cons of medication and options. If oncologist is not willing to discuss options, maybe time to find new dr.

The first drug my oncologist put be on gave me terrible side effects, but I stayed on for 6 months because did not think there were options. I stopped taking prior to surgery and felt better within days. After surgery I told my oncologist I would not take again. He reviewed the percent of recurrence with and without drugs. I agreed to try a different hormone suppression drug, and the side effects are less.

Wish you the best


3 days ago · Emotional health after cancer in Cancer

The emotional roller coaster of cancer drastically effects your life.

I am 64 women with breast cancer living by myself. I have finished my scheduled treatments and in Dec will have scans done to verify no cancer remains. At first friends and family are very supported. Like  dianamiracle, a nurse from Blue Cross even called to see talk about treatments.

Now that I am done with treatment, people think your cured and life goes back to normal. I might look better on the outside, but the mind and body is still recovering. You have the fear that the next test may show more cancer. I still have problems with fatigue and being nausea, and then there is side effect of drugs.

After isolating for over year due to fatigue and not wanting to be exposed to germs, I am slowing adding activities to my life. At this stage, I thing being around people and exercising benefits me the most.

I do not think life will ever be the same as before cancer, I just have to accept a new normal.


Wed, Oct 2 7:06am · Ginseng and Fatigue in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

I have been taking ginseng now for months, is it helping? hard to tell. I getting my energy back and becoming more active. It could be that my body is finally healing. Either way, I plan on continuing with the ginseng. Laurie

Wed, Oct 2 7:00am · Life after a cancer diagnosis in Cancer

I am also doing the Livestrong program at the Y. When look at clinicians suggestions to help with fatigue, they tell you to exercise. It seems like an odd suggestions for someone who has no energy, but willing to try. The program at Y is a great program to start exercising and regain your energy and endurance. The people in program are great and encouraging. If nothing else, I do sleep better on days I exercise. I have also started taking water exercise classes, I have problems with my balance and hip; while working out in water I do not have to worry about balance and less stressful on joints. .

Wed, Aug 28 8:12pm · Your Tips on How to Get Off to the Best Start with a New Specialist in Visiting Mayo Clinic

What a terrible first day. There is a dept called Patient Experience that you can contact if you feel you did not get care you were expecting. See their web page: https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience

Fri, Aug 23 2:00pm · Sustained on Her Journey by Connect Members: Meet @cindylb in About Connect: Who, What & Why

Thanks for sharing and contributing to mayo connect. Laurie