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11 hours ago · Chemo before breast cancer surgery in Breast Cancer

The Anastrozole gave me depression, but then I just found out I had cancer, so wasn't in the best mood.

I tolerated IV chemo well, never vomited. The oncologist gave be meds to take during and after chemo to handle nausea. Lost hair after 2nd treatment, was very tired as treatment continued. I was retired, so did not have to worry about job. Chemo takes away all your energy so she need to plan on lots of rest. One of the more frustrating part was the inability to concentrate, "chemo brain".

Everyone reacts to chemo different, best advice is to your friend is if she has side effect is to let her dr know, meds and treatments can be changed to make your friend more comfortable.


12 hours ago · Chemo before breast cancer surgery in Breast Cancer

I took Anastrozole for 6 months prior to surgery, Anastrozole decreases the amount of estrogen the body makes and helps to slow or reverse the growth of these breast cancers. It is taken in pill form and can have side effects but nothing like IV chemo. I took as part of a research study.

I had stage 2 in one breast. After 6 months on Anastrozole I had lumpectomy, IV chemo and then radiation.

Depending on type of breast cancer she has, the oncologist may be looking at different options.


21 hours ago · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I can not answer all questions, but can shed light on physical therapy. You can do physical therapy at non-Mayo locations. Many of my relatives who live in Rochester and had orthopedic surgery at Mayo Rochester did their PT at other facilities. The Mayo provider wrote a prescription? (instruction) to the PT facility about treatment needed.


Thu, Jun 25 5:47pm · Mayo Clinic Patient Portal: How do I find it? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Mayo COVID test results can be found under Test results. It will be called "SARS CORONAVIRUS-2, PCR ".

I had done at Mayo drive up location in Rochester and had results next day.


Tue, Jun 23 6:38am · Solo in Rochester: Shuttle services between buildings in Visiting Mayo Clinic

If look at campus map, Dan Abrams is about 3 blocks from Gonda lobby. It is connected via the subway system. Depending on your ability to walk you might ask if the patient shuttle to St Mary's can pick you up at Dan Abrams building. The concierge desk should be able to tell you if that is an option.


Mon, Jun 22 5:04pm · Solo in Rochester: Shuttle services between buildings in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Not sure what FM/CFS is. But here is some info on other questions:

There is a free patient shuttle from Mayo downtown campus to St Mary's, It picks people up at Gonda lobby.

The following link has links to maps of Mayo campuses.



Mon, Jun 22 7:58am · First visit to Mayo: Traveling alone in Visiting Mayo Clinic


You did not mention what location your appointments are at. It might be hard to find an apartment for short term rental in Rochester.

Have you checked Airbnb.


Sat, Jun 20 2:57pm · LUMPECTOMY SCAR HEALING TIME in Breast Cancer

I am not a medical professional, but I find it odd that you scar has not healed. If you have other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, it could effect your wound healing. Have you asked your provider about the wound not healing? You may want to see a Wound Care Specialist for advice.