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2 days ago · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

Not sure if this has been posted, I just saw today and thought I would share:

Specific questions and answers about COVID-19 for cancer patients



4 days ago · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@elizm , I can only answer for myself. When I found out I had a tele-visit scheduled, I called Blue Cross to see if they would cover. My insurance is IBM retiree (pre-medicare) insurance and the customer representative told me IBM had changed their policy to cover.

I suggest anyone with employee or private insurance to call and verify coverage prior to tele-visit.


5 days ago · Mayo 3/30/2020 PODCAST: Dr. Gregory Poland on COVID-19 in COVID-19

Just listen to great update on COVID-19 from Mayo’s Dr. Gregory Poland, infectious disease expert and head of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group .


Sun, Mar 29 8:27am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@jakedduck1 , you mentioned 1918. A friend just told me about a book, "Minnesota 1918, When Flu, Fire, and War Ravaged the State." I have on reserved at library when it opens back up. In MN, their were political rally's going on to boaster support for war, but it resulted in spread of flu. A terrible time in history, which I was not even aware of. If they taught in school, I must of been sleeping that day.


Sat, Mar 28 3:21pm · Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit in COVID-19

Colleen, a couple items I can think of. My tele-visit is about week away.
– Prior to call, check with your insurance company about coverage of telephone visits.
– If call via phone, make sure your phone is charged (or plugged in). Would hate to have battery die in middle of call. Also take call in quite place where not disbursed. Have pen and paper ready. My biggest challenge will be to keep dog from barking during call.
– If your tele-visit is at Mayo, after call, review the portal notes. This is good idea for tele-visit or in person visits.
– If you discuss future appointments or test, ask when and how they will be scheduled. At Mayo, normally you stop at appointment desk to set up future appointments. Seeing this tele-visit, and future appointment scheduling is on hold, ask if someone will contact you and if there is a timeframe.


Sat, Mar 28 5:45am · COVID19 keeping safe - about same that chemo patients do in Cancer

Any cancer, transplant or other people with compromised immune systems have followed COVID19 safety tips for decades.

Maybe I am better prepared for this stay at home and social isolating process because it is not that different then what I did last year when having chemo treatment. I avoided groups of people, only went to store for essentials, stayed at home, wore mask when appropriate and washed my hands often.

Big difference is this time I have some energy and using the time to catch up on things at home.


Sat, Mar 28 5:12am · Do you get routine scans for breast cancer followup? in Breast Cancer

I fought to get a MRI of breast one year after lumpectomy, I found my tumor 5 months after a routine mammogram. Due to dense breast, the mammogram missed it. So I no longer trust mammograms. Insurance company originally denied, was escalated and they approved. In addition, I had an unrelated calcified aneurysm that neurologist ordered a scan to recheck and it showed a spot on lung. Turns out that it was radiation damage. My oncologist had rechecked months later and was healing. But without aneurysm scan, would never know it was there. I have EKG ordered for next month to recheck heart, has not been checked since prior to treatment two years ago. It does make me worry about what else might be happening in body that I will not know about till symptoms. The longer since my original diagnosis, the less I worry.

Everyone's situation for monitoring with be different, I had stage II B breast cancer, had lumpectomy followed by chemo, radiation and then AIs. No previous lung or heart problems. In early 60s, so on private insurance, not medicare.

Be honest with your doctor about your concerns and why you think additional test may be needed. Dealing with insurance company is harder, and you will need your drs support to get approved. If you feel your dr is not giving you the treatment or support you need, may be time to get a 2nd opinion. .


Fri, Mar 27 5:39am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

I have mixed feeling on tele-visit.

Seeing my upcoming visit is a 1 year recheck it may not be as important to see dr in person. But he usually listen to heart, lungs and does a breast exam. Of course that will not happen. As someone else suggested, I will have my questions prepared ahead of time. I might even send them to dr via portal prior to appointment. Make sure check to see if any of your prescriptions need refill prior to appointment.

What I do not understand is why it is OK to come into clinic and have techs to do EKG and blood work, but to risky to see dr.

I did call my insurance company to make sure they will pay for tele-visit. They just recently changed their rules to allow.

I figure if tele-visit does not meet my expectations. I will request a follow up visit in person when they become available.