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Mon, Apr 29 3:18pm · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi there. Thanks, @JustinMcClanahan for adding me. I have Osteoporosis and tried supplements, diet, and exercise to increase my bone density but nothing worked. I was getting worse. I also want to add that I had been active for decades so weight bearing exercises (weights, walking, elliptical, tennis) still produced a 60 year old with weak bones. Blood tests showed a healthy parathyroid and calcium and Vitamin D levels. With all of that said, I realized that Osteoporosis was a disease. A progressive disease that sometimes needed medication. I didn't want to take the drugs either but I am currently taking care of my 83 year old mother who can only walk to the bathroom due to falls and untreated OP. I spent years in skilled nursing facilities and memory care units caring for my father with Alzheimers and I've seen the lives of those with brittle bones and I just don't want to end up that way. At 62, I've had my right hip replaced, am now recovering form a right knee replacement and will get the other one replaced next year. All as a result from Osteoarthritis which is the sister of the OP. I took Forteo for a year and had no side effects but had a problem with my insurance so switched to Recast. I had the infusion last year and I followed the 3 simple rules. 1. Drink tons of water days before, day of, and day after infusion. 2. Make sure they give the infusion over a 45 minute time frame. NOT the 20 minutes they normally do. If they refuse, get it done elsewhere. 3. Take a couple of Tylenol before going to bed. I had no horrific side effects and although I have joint blame, I couldn't never say with certainty that it is a side effect from the OP drugs. But if you do nothing, lean to heavily on social media and people calling the drugs poison, you may find yourself in trouble later on. All drugs come with risks and you have to weigh the risk/benefit ratio. If you do nothing and your bone density keeps decreasing every year, you will not have a good quality of life in your elder years. I am going to fight for my quality of health and take the drugs. I do know that Reclast should only be sued for about 5 years. I also know that at some point my life, I will probably have to get on Prolia but I'm trying to use all of the other drugs first. I plan on finishing the year of Forteo and staying on Reclast as long as possible. This is certainly something you need to discuss with your doctor. If you don't trust your doctor, find another one. I do recommend seeing an RA or endocronolgist to discuss your OP because they are more knowledgeable about the treatment options for OP. But please be cautious about listening to the people calling it poison. Make your own informed decision.

Thu, Apr 25 6:44am · Knee Replacement: Discharged from PT due to insurance in Joint Replacements

@debbraw I live in the Tampa Bay area and have been to at least a half a dozen outpatient PT clinics, in addition to, skilled nursing facilities caring for myself, my mother, and my sister. They all work on several people at one time. Not in a group setting, of course, but they set a person up for an exercise, say something like, "do 2 sets of 15 and hold for 5 seconds" and walk away to their other patient and repeat. Sometimes they just walk away and work on their laptops. But I have never had them actually stand there and watch me or my family member do their sets or the bike warmups. They always go on to do something and then come back and move me to the next exercise.

Tue, Apr 23 4:42pm · Knee Replacement: Discharged from PT due to insurance in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell Actually that’s exactly what I’ve been doing per my OS. I saw him today and he took new x-rays and reviewed my exercise regimen. He said that at three months post op, I should only be working my lower body every other day at most. He firmly believes that I’m over exercising and that’s why am in so much pain. I made the mistake of joining Facebook groups for knee replacements, and although the people meant well, they were Nazi exercisers! I kept hearing things like “no pain, no gain, and I just thought that more was good. Starting today, I’m only going to do lower body every other day and just stretch and practice walking on the in between. Hopefully, that will help. Thanks for responding to my post

Mon, Apr 22 4:17pm · Knee Replacement: Discharged from PT due to insurance in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell I'll give that a try. I've been to many PT clinics in addition to skilled nursing facilities (in patient rehab) for many members of my family and friends, and in Florida, they all work that way. They work with one person at a time but always have 2-3 people they are working on at the same time. So they set you up for a exercise, tell you how may sets and reps to do, and then move on to the other person. It's very standard. I see my OS tomorrow for my 12 week PO and I need answers as to why I"m in so much pain and am so sore most of the time. I know it takes a year to heal but I feel, for as diligent and I've been with PT, that I should be doing and feeling better than I do We shall see. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are doing well.

Sun, Apr 21 4:08pm · Knee Replacement: Discharged from PT due to insurance in Joint Replacements

@debbraw Yes, my gym does have a lift but I looked at the pool closely today and if I park a sturdy walker by the steps/rail I should be able to get out. I’m going to hire a trainer for additional help with other things too. PT always worked on several people at once. I never really felt like I was given 100% of their time

Sat, Apr 20 9:41am · After knee replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

@contentandwell That's what my PT said too. Bike and elliptical! I think heel to toe when walking but I'm not sure that's helping. Guess it will take time. Actually, come to think of it, my PT said with an uneven gait will only cause a pounding on the knee.

Sat, Apr 20 9:32am · After knee replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

Walking is proving challenging for me as well. I live in a neighborhood with no sidewalks and the streets are so uneven. Although I limp along with a cane, I've been using a 4-wheel walker with brakes and seat so I don't have to be afraid so much of falling, can use the seat to go further distances to rest when needed and that has been a Godsend. My PT told me to NOT use the treadmill at the gym until my gait got better but I'm not sure I agree with that. What about putting it on the lowest speed? Thoughts? Learning to walk normal again is my BIGGEST challenge right now.

Fri, Apr 19 7:46pm · After knee replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

That's amazing. At 14 days PO, I could barely make it to my doctor's office to get the zip ties removed. Taking a shower exhausted me. If you are going out to lunch, you are doing great!