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Aug 7, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

You may want to find a new surgeon because it doesn't seem like you are having much luck with this one. I am not sure how a lawsuit will work for you since you elected to use the same surgeon over and over again but it's worth a shot. I am hope you are feeling better soon!

Aug 7, 2019 · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

Thanks, I have read stories where people insisted that they knew something was off even early in their recovery but like me, had to wait at least 6 months before getting a second opinion. Many people claim that a doctor will not see you until you are 1 year PO but I found that simply not true. At least in the Tampa Bay area. Any surgeon will see you because they are in the office that day to see clients and it only benefits them to take an xray and consult with a new patient. I am also going to need my other knee done one day so I am also a potential future surgery client as well. LOL So sadly, it REALLY is about money in the medical industry. 🙂 I appreciate the support and I realize that I just may be a having a hard recovery and I hope that is all that it is. We shall see.

Aug 6, 2019 · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

@artscaping That is interesting and something I might look into. I"m sorry you didn't sail through the surgery like so many others but I guess it just wasn't in our cards. The good news is though that you found out what the problem was and can work towards healing. My surgeon has never showed me the X-rays he takes, nothing. Just says "everything looks fine" and that's it. He may be right but I am just going to get a second pair of eyes to take a look. It can't hurt. I just want to know why I am in excruciating pain 6 months PO. Some pain is expected but honestly, I'm miserable. If it's just part of the healing process, I'll feel like an idiot but be more hopeful at there being light at the end of the darn tunnel. I hope you are feeling better!

Aug 6, 2019 · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

@babette Actually, I am being seen by a new OS next week for a new pair of eyes to look at my knee. My current OS works in a teaching hospital so I thought he might be great. Good luck to you and should you get the revision, just think, you will probably feel so much better.

Aug 6, 2019 · Knee Replacement Failure - Need total reconstruction in Joint Replacements

How does someone really find an excellent surgeon when you have commercial insurance? Sure, there are ways like calling top PT clinics and asking if any particular surgeon has better results than most, but then, you have to check to see if they're in your network. There are websites like Vitals and Health grades but most people comment on office staff, waiting time, and the surgeon's bedside manner. Not the surgery itself. So how do you find the best surgeon? I am 6 months PO and getting a second opinion next week because I am still in agony. I feel something is wrong, my surgeon said my X-rays look great and referred me to pain management Grrrrrr

Jul 31, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I'm 7 months PO and still sore and am in discomfort so my surgeon recommended I get the nerve block and then the ablation on my knee. I see them next month. I hope it works for you and I'm willing to try it. I'm just very hesitant to do that before finding out why I am so sore this far out. He has taken X-rays and swears everything looks perfect and the knee functions well. Let's keep each other posted on how that goes!

Jul 29, 2019 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Man, I though the same thing. I kept hearing people say, "don't compare yourself to others" but I just couldn't resist. People claiming that on day 4 after the surgery they were walking around the block and I was struggling to get to the bathroom. Week 2 and they were out having lunch and running errands. I almost fainted from agony riding in the car to get my stitches out and then almost fainted after taking a shower. LOL If there is one thing I've leaned, that is everyone really is different when it comes to this surgery. I don't know if its just the persons body or if its the surgeon or a combination of both. I'm a little over 6 months PO and still have a tremendous amount of discomfort and some days pain. My knee functions well ( I haven't had it measured since I was discharged from PT and I am not a fan of focusing on the numbers, the ROM can change in a day) but I'm not happy with the amount of discomfort I'm feeling. I'm giving it more time before seeking a second opinion. Seems like surgeons just care if it looks good on the outside (functions well) they aren't that interested in how you're actually feeling. 🙂

Apr 29, 2019 · Reclast Infusion in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi there. Thanks, @JustinMcClanahan for adding me. I have Osteoporosis and tried supplements, diet, and exercise to increase my bone density but nothing worked. I was getting worse. I also want to add that I had been active for decades so weight bearing exercises (weights, walking, elliptical, tennis) still produced a 60 year old with weak bones. Blood tests showed a healthy parathyroid and calcium and Vitamin D levels. With all of that said, I realized that Osteoporosis was a disease. A progressive disease that sometimes needed medication. I didn't want to take the drugs either but I am currently taking care of my 83 year old mother who can only walk to the bathroom due to falls and untreated OP. I spent years in skilled nursing facilities and memory care units caring for my father with Alzheimers and I've seen the lives of those with brittle bones and I just don't want to end up that way. At 62, I've had my right hip replaced, am now recovering form a right knee replacement and will get the other one replaced next year. All as a result from Osteoarthritis which is the sister of the OP. I took Forteo for a year and had no side effects but had a problem with my insurance so switched to Recast. I had the infusion last year and I followed the 3 simple rules. 1. Drink tons of water days before, day of, and day after infusion. 2. Make sure they give the infusion over a 45 minute time frame. NOT the 20 minutes they normally do. If they refuse, get it done elsewhere. 3. Take a couple of Tylenol before going to bed. I had no horrific side effects and although I have joint blame, I couldn't never say with certainty that it is a side effect from the OP drugs. But if you do nothing, lean to heavily on social media and people calling the drugs poison, you may find yourself in trouble later on. All drugs come with risks and you have to weigh the risk/benefit ratio. If you do nothing and your bone density keeps decreasing every year, you will not have a good quality of life in your elder years. I am going to fight for my quality of health and take the drugs. I do know that Reclast should only be sued for about 5 years. I also know that at some point my life, I will probably have to get on Prolia but I'm trying to use all of the other drugs first. I plan on finishing the year of Forteo and staying on Reclast as long as possible. This is certainly something you need to discuss with your doctor. If you don't trust your doctor, find another one. I do recommend seeing an RA or endocronolgist to discuss your OP because they are more knowledgeable about the treatment options for OP. But please be cautious about listening to the people calling it poison. Make your own informed decision.