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12 hours ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Hi, Pam
Yes, I've looked into it and noted that the article which you mention is a single case study. I've also come across other studies which have given me pause, such as which concluded the following:
"Topical capsaicin leads to degeneration of sudomotor, vasomotor and pilomotor nerves accompanied by impairment of sudomotor, vasomotor and pilomotor function. These results suggest the susceptibility and/or pathophysiologic mechanisms of nerve damage may differ between autonomic and sensory nerve fibers treated with capsaicin and enhances the capsaicin model for the study of disease modifying agents. The data suggest caution should be taken when topical capsaicin is applied to skin surfaces at risk for ulceration, particularly in neuropathic conditions characterized by sensory and autonomic impairment."

In the circumstances, I moved on. – Liz

1 day ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Hi, Pam

The PEA capsules basically have saved my mental health as I contend with chemo-induced PN burning in my feet, legs and hands. I have not tried the cream and will be interested to hear about your experience with it. I do use Topricin's Fibro Cream (two 6 oz. tubes on Amazon for ap. $29), especially at bedtime, and it has proven invaluable for me. Let me know how the PEA cream works out for you. – Liz

2 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Hi, Pam… for what it's worth, I found the following on WebMD regarding DMSO, and it was enough to keep me from giving it a try:
"There is concern that some non-prescription DMSO products might be "industrial grade", which is not intended for human use. These products are POSSIBLY UNSAFE, as they can contain impurities that can cause health effects. To make matters worse, DMSO readily penetrates the skin, so it carries these impurities rapidly into the body.

"Some side effects of taking DMSO include skin reactions, dry skin, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, breathing problems, vision problems, blood problems, and allergic reactions. DMSO also causes a garlic-like taste, and breath and body odor."

There also is a lengthy warning about its interactions with other drugs taken.

3 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

I hear your plea, and I can relate to your despair. Chronic pain does contribute to depression.

Firstly, take some action. Order some Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) from Amazon. Take 400 mg. in the morning, midday, and bedtime. Also order some Topricin Fibro Cream from Amazon and use it whenever. Both are natural products which get me through the tough days (which are most days). The PEA will take about 3-4 weeks for you to feel a BIG difference, so don't give up on it. Will it work for Regional Pain Syndrome the way it does for peripheral neuropathy pain? I don't know. I have chemo-induced PN and it works for me.

There also is evidence that taking 2 grams/day (and not more) of a good Omega-3 fish oil can help with depression. Also available on Amazon.

Secondly, I am assuming that, if you believe in hell, then you believe in God. The thing about faith is trust in God. Perhaps your post here is God speaking to you… telling you to share your concerns with others. And the thing to remember about God is that s/he loves you and all her/his creations more than anything that we can imagine. I believe that with all my heart and mind. I personally don't believe that God allows bad things to happen to people, but God does help us get through our crises and afflictions. Ask for God's help. Keep asking.

Thirdly, and I'm speaking again for myself, it has helped for me to get out into the community and help others who are suffering more than I am… and really listening to them… making good use of the compassion we are acquiring from our own suffering.

And lastly, but certainly not least, a good psychologist or pain therapist is helpful. Ask your PCP or church minister for recommendations. Cognitive behavior therapy is very helpful, as well as meditation, controlled breathing, etc.

Realize that you are in a deep funk and be determined to climb out of that hole. Life is so precious… YOU are so precious.

Blessings, Liz

3 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Phenytoin is an anticonvulsive drug and available by prescription. I'm guessing that a compounding pharmacy could make some… but, here again, by prescription. Here's a paper on drug repositioning for a phenytoin topical, specifically for neuropathy:

6 days ago · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

So glad to see someone posting this caveat. It actually applies to most drugs prescribed for neuropathy, assuming that you can tolerate them in the first place (I cannot). Everyone with whom I've spoken about their experience with the gabanoids, venlafaxine, etc., indicated that getting off of them was a bear, despite their neurologist swearing that they weren't addictive.

6 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Just a suggestion (as C.dif is easy to test for)… tell your PCP or anyone at an Urgent Care Clinic that you've had ongoing diarrhea for weeks, despite taking a probiotic, and that you're concerned that it may be C.dif. They will give you a lab order… the lab will give you a test kit… your results will be returned in about two days. If it's negative, that's a good thing and it will relieve your mind. If it's positive, then you have something for a gastro doctor to work with. No, I'm not a proponent of lying to the doctors, but sometimes one needs to clear obsessive thoughts which may be getting in the way of your healing.

Mon, Aug 26 1:11pm · Your Tips on How to Get Off to the Best Start with a New Specialist in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Open a blank Microsoft Word page (or whatever you use), copy each conversation which you wish to keep and paste them on the Word page. Voila!