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Thu, Apr 25 5:02am · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Get the port. It will save you from having to have a vein accessed for each infusion. 10 years ago I had one put in for breast cancer chemo, then had it removed a year later. It was such an easy procedure. Then had it replaced last year for lung cancer. It is an easy operation, never even think of it still being there. Am keeping it this time around & having it flushed every 6-8 weeks to keep it in good working order. That way the nurses can draw the blood tests from the port with no problems. So easy & totally painless.

Wed, Apr 24 12:51pm · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Thank you for your helpful words. They are greatly appreciated at this time.

Wed, Apr 24 6:54am · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

The lense replacement was very easy. No plain at all, just have to remember to take the prescribed drops at the right times. Fortunately my sweet husband helped me keep track of those time periods. Now having finished with all of that regime everything is very good. The lense does take a little longer time to adjust to brightness or dimness of light, according to variances.

Tue, Apr 23 1:53pm · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Am thinking of trying it again.

Tue, Apr 23 4:22am · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

@cindylb, thank you for your candid input. I am finding that as time goes by I am having to use opioids to control the pain in my radiation targeted area of where the bone presses against the brain. Each day I try to cut back & finally have to give in, but now can go longer hours between doses. It’s good to know that your husband is responding well to the CBD. I tried it for a while & maybe didn’t give it longer to take effect. Will definitely give it another go. Good luck & Big Hugs back to you.

Mon, Apr 22 10:40am · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

Merry You are the best! Keeping the spirits up is paramount to not let cancer define who we really are. Go about life like You own it, not that it owns You.

Sun, Apr 21 6:20pm · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

I can relate & opted for the artificial multi-focal artificial lense 5 years ago. Now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. First time not to wear any glasses in over 40 years😊

Sun, Apr 21 1:01pm · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

Hi Merry, considering all that is going on since the last tests I am doing pretty well. Yesterday I spent almost all day working in my yard. We had a large storm cone through here with high winds & heavy rains, making a big mess to clean up. Fortunately we have an excellent helper who came to lend a hand. When fatigue hits I just take a few minutes break & am good to go for a couple of hours longer. Finding staying busy is good mentally as well as physically. Turning 80 in 2 months & planning a celebration. Hoping to still be here for the fun!🎉🥂🎂🥂🎉
Thank you for bringing me back to the Lung Cancer Group. My GP found that I also have a fungal infection. Now on a special antibiotic to fight this new problem. The journey continues!