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2 hours ago · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

I can relate & opted for the artificial multi-focal artificial lense 5 years ago. Now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. First time not to wear any glasses in over 40 years😊

8 hours ago · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

Hi Merry, considering all that is going on since the last tests I am doing pretty well. Yesterday I spent almost all day working in my yard. We had a large storm cone through here with high winds & heavy rains, making a big mess to clean up. Fortunately we have an excellent helper who came to lend a hand. When fatigue hits I just take a few minutes break & am good to go for a couple of hours longer. Finding staying busy is good mentally as well as physically. Turning 80 in 2 months & planning a celebration. Hoping to still be here for the fun!🎉🥂🎂🥂🎉
Thank you for bringing me back to the Lung Cancer Group. My GP found that I also have a fungal infection. Now on a special antibiotic to fight this new problem. The journey continues!

8 hours ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Thank you @merpreb. This Mayo connection means the world to me. I do not discuss my cancer problems with many people, mainly just my family & a couple of very close friends, who have also had cancer.
I am feeling very positive because like the other 3 different cancers I have had over the past 17 years, all were caught in early stages. But, have to admit since this one is so close to the brain it is a bit more scary. Am having headaches, just not as bad as before the targeted radiation treatments. Of course pain meds do help. I know that the brain cannot feel pain, but the scalp, bone & blood vessels surrounding the brain are sensitive to pain.
Thank you all for your kind, caring thoughts & prayers.

8 hours ago · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Tried Senokot. Did not work for me, but Milk of Magnesia did. Also I eat cooked dried prunes with lemon slices, yummy & helpful combination.

1 day ago · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

These wonderful words are even more important to me at this point. This past week I was diagnosed with metatasic cancer. Am going back to Mayo on this Tuesday for a liver biopsy to discover if it is from the breast cancer 9 years ago or the small cell lung cancer of last year. Then the doctors will decide whether or not I am a candidate for immunotherapy. Thank God for excellent Mayo doctors & modern medicine . I am good with what ever they decide. I have told them that I want quality of life, not just quantity. They all said that it is the right decision. Also last week I had targeteted radiation to the bone covering the brain. No lesions in the brain, but did have bone metastasis. Will find out soon if that particular therapy worked.

1 day ago · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

Thank you Alamogal. Hope you have a blessed Easter celebration. It truly is a wonderful time too remember that there is a life after this one is over. Jesus said “In my Father’s House there are many mansions. I go there to prepare a place for You”! HE also said “Heaven is on Earth”! Let us rejoice in those words, loving each & everything we have been blessed with while we are still here, keeping Faith in His Promises.

Fri, Apr 12 7:29am · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer

@alamogal635 You look fantastic. I wanted to have some color put on my gray hair, but research said to wait for a year since the new hair is fragile.🤨

Thu, Apr 11 7:25pm · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Hello Colleen, here is a link to my youngest son’s utube video that helps with meditation & relaxation that is very good to listen to for calm & reducing stress.