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Tue, Mar 12 10:48am · ~ Depressed and scared ~ in Mental Health

Hubby & I worked .saved,,, did well for years, them his work cut his pension. He died , my daughter had a stroke, grandson has mental problems . Spent lots on them and living, medical, RX NO frills. NO vacations. I have CAD + diabetes, Much stress & worry . US says its a Christian country…but our gov't does not behave as such. Trump is a disgrace . GOP has tried to cut our hard earned SS / medicare . How about we cut their wages, perks, great pensions, and bribes aka corruption. GOP has NO family values. All the do is CUT funds for safety programs, education, Clean air & water, They are greedy suckers. We even have homeless vets Thats immoral !! I am 75 and have watched US go downhill . Trump even cut meals on wheels, FDA There is no big emergency at the border Just forks fleeing death & starvation . Trump is not self made His daddy gave him millions and he went bankrupt many times. leaving workers unpaid. US could stop illegals by charging those who hire them a Giant FEE & enforcing it. . Fact is US gov't & greedy Corps love that cheap slave labor. Reagan even passed Open borders in 80's so his fat cats could make billions off cheap labor. Gov't is complicit. The enemy is not foreign workers Its our US gov't GREED. !!! Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Mon, Mar 11 10:06pm · anything about being on SEROQUEL? in Depression & Anxiety

Seems to me MD's talk a bit then push pulls I regreat the day I began taking Xanax I ran out for 2 days and thought I was dying. Super hi BP…head pain… went to the ER and had a abrain scan to make sure I had not had a a stroke. I trust few doctors. Mine never warned me about the bad effects of Xanax I am 75 . The withdrawal was horrid. First do no harm is what doctors pledge But some do lots of harm Pill pushers

Mon, Mar 11 10:02pm · anything about being on SEROQUEL? in Depression & Anxiety

Boy Thats a lot of meds Hope your MD knows what he / she is doing Best wishes

Mon, Feb 25 11:33am · Adding Prozac to Buproprion? in Depression & Anxiety

Gov't policies shows little humanity. We worked our whole life but lost so much. I'm not religious but pray daily for my family. I miss my sweet husband and my grandson …who now hates me due to mental illness Both parents had mental illness. I function , day to day, hour by hour .. Cared for my daughter and grandson Savings almost gone Afraid. Cared for hubby till he passed . Tried MD, meds, counselling…meditating, Miss my husbands caring & love so much. Have 3 rescue dogs that love me

Mon, Feb 25 11:20am · Adding Prozac to Buproprion? in Depression & Anxiety

Took Prozac Never had any problem stopping Xanax however is dangerous & very hard to stop Beware

Sun, Feb 24 1:26pm · Adding Prozac to Buproprion? in Depression & Anxiety

I hate these mood altering drugs. ALL have serious side effects. Never took them till my hubby died, daughter had a stroke and grandson got sick. Husbands pension was slashed after many years of hard work, long days . He had to leave the labor union when he became a Plant Supt. How does this happen in a country that cals itself Christian ' Its all LIP service GOP plan has always been to bust unions, Trump already Cut SS and medicare, FDA EPA meals on wheels, our kids education. WE Must end useless trillions of dollars Bush wars, who have killed & maimed our Veterans , some of whom are homeless. Family Values ? Not really

Sun, Feb 24 1:19pm · Adding Prozac to Buproprion? in Depression & Anxiety

Most MD's just keep adding to the dose… or adding another drug. Millions of us are on these drugs. Most are Dangerous, habit forming. Like me MD gives NO warnings !! I stopped Xanax for 2 days , wound up in ER so sick, Head pain, MD scanned my brain for damage. BP
was 300 Thought I was dying. Back in the day I wonder how folks coped. . I want to stop these drugs but am now terrified of the side effects. since I am 75. US is only country that allows TV ads' pushing' these meds ! Pharma seems to own safety experts .

Dec 25, 2018 · anything about being on SEROQUEL? in Depression & Anxiety

I was very happy and normal while married for 46 yrs in spite of a dysfunctional growing up.. After husband died in 2010 ( we were close ) Then our daughter had a stroke @ 38…my grand kid showing signs of serious illness so I lost my relationship with grand child- age 22- who I love with all my heart & soul. My heart is broken I have friends ..we go out on occasion. But I am sad, empty , money problems since husbands pension was CUT by 2/3 Why is that allowed after folks worked hard all your life ?? GOP says they have family values but their policies say otherwise. They cut FDA EPA meals on wheels, education, more coal to be burned, , common sense regs used to protect our air, water, environment … now unlimited insecticide allowed to run off into our food crops. stock markets just tumbled due to a erratic President & not thought out Trade deals . I see many problems from this lack of mature leadership Many of the jobs being created are low paying, with NO benefits, or pension. Middle class is dying Wages in REAL dollars are not keeping up with living expenses . We are being lied to and misinformed and do not even know it….