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Aug 25, 2018 · Fractured L1 vertebrae has interrupted and changed my life in Spine Health

Talk to your pain control doctor about a pain pump. Must be a pain control doctor , they are usually anesthesiologists. I was on many types of pain meds until my implant and I got my life back. A catheter is placed in your spine and the small pump is in your tummy. It is refilled approx. every 3 months with a needle. Not really painful and they will numb the site if you ask them to. I don’t find it necessary. The medication goes to the area where the pain is. Because the medication is intrathecal it does not cross the blood brain barrier and therefore your speech is not slurred as well as other side effects of oral meds. The pump also has a device that you can hold over the pump and give yourself an extra dose of medication if you need it. Limits are set by the doctor. No more failing drug tests if you go back to work. As a matter of fact once you have a pump implanted you and your doctor will discuss what meds you can take and you will be drug tested intermittently.

Aug 24, 2018 · Valve Disease in Heart & Blood Health

Peach–I will email you tomorrow. Looking forward to visiting with you.

Aug 24, 2018 · Valve Disease in Heart & Blood Health

Peach–I feel you need a better understanding of the procedures performed on you and why they not were effective. A vascular surgeon may be a consideration of someone to see. Meanwhile a wound care doctor can help with any open sores you may have on your legs and feet.

Aug 24, 2018 · Valve Disease in Heart & Blood Health

Lioness-Just trying to get more information. I feel she needs someone to help better understand what procedures were done as a start and why they were not effective.

Aug 24, 2018 · Pre kidney transplant in Transplants

Good Luck Marvin! You are a tough cookie having been through so much. Just one thought to share, always take someone to the doctor with you so that the information given is retained. It's hard enough being the patient and trying to remember all they say and do. LifeGift has volunteers that are trained to walk the journey with you. You might consider calling them when you get on the transplant list. They can also share ideas for fundraising your friends might do in your honor.

Aug 24, 2018 · I want to donate a kidney to a kid. How can I make sure this happens? in Transplants

@hockeyslade I am an Ambassador of Hope for LiftGift. Contact your local LifeGift organization in your area and someone will walk you through the process. Meanwhile I can answer any questions you may have as I am a retired Perfusionist and have participated in many transplants. What an awesome person you are!

Aug 24, 2018 · Hi I’ve been suffering with hip pain of 3 year in Chronic Pain

sadamma4–Sorry I wrote a comment but incorrectly posted to gingerw.

Aug 24, 2018 · Hi I’ve been suffering with hip pain of 3 year in Chronic Pain

Ginger–Those of us who have experienced chronic pain know how twisted the road becomes sometimes along the journey. I am glad you are well enough to share your story with others. It's so easy to become addicted when all you want is for the pain to stop. Best of luck to you.