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May 28, 2018 · Hydrocodone 5-325 3x a day vs Medical Marijuana Option in Chronic Pain

Hello knocerine03. I am so sorry about your debilitating pain. I went on disability about 12 years ago because my back pain forced me to quit working. I was getting a small amount of relief for about 20 years from same opioid you took. I only used 2 to 4 pills per time and didn't take it every day but it finally stopped working all together. I didn't realize that the medication was making me a bit crazy. It also caused me to get osteoporosis (new Mayo finding). Now my pain has increased to the point my life is really suffering (nothing as severe as yours). Cannabis oil is something I can buy legally online so trying that. Gives me some energy, not much help with the pain. So, I got a referral from my Dr. to a local pain clinic. I'm hoping to find relief there. Perhaps you could try that – is there one near you? It's costs $200 here in Minnesota just to get a medical cannabis license. Then the offerings don't compete with the wonderful varietals and edibles in Colorado. I believe you could find some relief there and finding the right pain clinic. I may have to take a trip. Godspeed.