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May 28, 2018 · Hydrocodone 5-325 3x a day vs Medical Marijuana Option in Chronic Pain

Hello. I'm a newbie. Not only to the group, but navigating with my phone! My journey started on Dec 2014 when I fell off a ladder decorating a Xmas tree. I broke all the vertebrae in my back, my ankle and a few times. As was made a trauma patient and prior to discharge complained of a very bad pain in my right hip. It was eventually diagnosed via an stay by the orthopaedic surgeon that "there was no hip issue and I shouldn't make problems where there are no problems." I ended up leaving a job bc of excrutating pain, navigating the system with top orthopaedic surgeons and insurance companies. Almost a year and some later, UofPenn discovered that the pain was coming from a ripped laberal tear. I had the tear repaired in 2016 June, only to have excruciating pain from the back to the hip to the front of the hip to the knee. I obviously had slipped at disc in traction during surgery. I was required to start from the beginning with all hip diagnostic testing which showed it wasn't the hip. Another MRI revealed I had a compressed nerve at the L3/L4 level. The neuro I was seeing happened to send me for a bone density test which now revealed I had Oesteomylitis/Discitis in the area, a rare and deadly infection. I was placed on IV antibiotic therapy for about 6 months. This past April, both Rothman Institute and Penn have conferred that I need 2 infusions before the nerve compressed. I can't tell you the debilitary pain I am in. Becoming worse every day. I still have to go to Hospital of Special Surgery for my 3rd consult, but it doesn't look good. The Hydro that I am on is to the point useless. I need to select a pain management therapy that gives me the ability to functional somewhat normally. Enough relieve to help with daily functions. I have lost my life in what I believe the illness and medical healthcare team has robbed me from. My pain is constant. I'm looking toward finding someone who has experienced moving from opid medical to maraguinia. Are the benefits better? I really don't want to be sleepy or dizzy with current meds or that then of marijuana. Worst fear is weight gain. Best is I want to get up and feel normal. I'm desperate to speak to anyone who has made the change, the kind and dosage recommended and the best configuration. I feel by two physician it might be off me. I'm scared it's not , not affiliated by the negative consequences that comes with it. Will the level and type of marijuana make me more comfortable and less in pain than the opioid, Narco? Hoping for a few folks who have been through this deliminna.