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Jun 13, 2018 · Long-term Antibiotics for Bronchiectasis & MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi flib
Good to hear your report. I'm not much younger than you, have had bronchiectasis 24 years & MAC which probably started during the last 10 – now with seemingly chronic sweats – AM &/or during the day. I go out to do errands & a volunteer shift in a garden (the outdoors! the outdoors!) despite that. I've read so much about the benefits of salt for lungs e.g. how salt miners in Eastern Europe not only didn't contract pulmonary ailments as miners normally do over time, but had healthier lungs than everyone else. I've postponed using nebulized salt solution because I've been on a homeopathic protocol & assumed (!) it wouldn't b good idea to do both at same time. I'm now motivated to find out, thanks to your reminder. – I think I'm alessandre on this site & think healing on inspire (site).

Jun 10, 2018 · bacteria and water filter in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Katherine, How does the nebulized saline solution help? I know that the salt caves in Eastern Europe are alleged to have kept the miners healthy – whereas miners typically suffer from ill health – and have read that living in a (relatively) clean environment BY THE SEA is beneficial…. Re cleaning my Aerobika: I clean in warm, soapy water to cover for 5' & rinse & every other day after rinsing & shaking out excess water, pour some 70% Isopropyl alcohol on parts & let sit another 5 minutes then rinse, shake & set out to dry.

Jun 2, 2018 · Swimming in chlorinated swimming pools in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Can anyone recommend a good shower/filter for bacteria AND chloride AND fluoride or am I dreaming? Well into my 70s, I've had bronchiectasis for almost 25 years with low energy, chronic fatigue; MAC probably last 5-10 years; hospitalized 2002, 2006, 2013. Just take an antibiotic when in an otherwise uncontrollable episode. Use vibratory device nights for postural drainage. Eat well, lots fruits & veggies; take supplements, homeopathics, herbs – latter particularly to keep episodes from becoming severe. Wish I was in Europe where stem cell therapy is in sanctioned use, but can no longer take planes.