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Wed, May 6 6:22pm · Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19 in COVID-19

I have been to Mayo in Florida 5 times since the outbreak. Two times for brain radiation, 2 times for labs and infusion and today for PET/CT scan. They are all wearing masks, finally. I always wear one to protect myself and them. I can only hope that things are truly wiped down properly. As I laid in the machine today I almost had a panic attack wondering who was in the machine before me. My masks have a metal nose fitter so I had to take it off. They put a washcloth on me instead. They do stop you at the entrances, ask you lot's of questions and take your temperature. When I get home I immediately take my shoes off in the garage, clothes go in the hamper, hands washed and hope for the best.

Wed, May 6 6:17pm · Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19 in COVID-19

msherfinski -You do not need a test at the Mayo in Florida and they have it outside in their parking lot. I had a PET/CT scan done today. They wanted me to get tested March 30 before my brain radiation and I had not been out of the house in 3 weeks. I told them "no" and that was the end of it. They were not wearing masks at that time and I felt very exposed, so I marked off the days for 3 more weeks before I felt comfortable to leave my house with a mask on.

Thu, Apr 30 8:13am · Lung cancer with joints and muscles sore. in Lung Cancer

@richcolleen – My oncologist advised me to take Claritin when I was on Opdivo for years for those aching body parts. Maybe you could call and ask about this.

Fri, Apr 10 2:33pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@merpreb – I did not have a scan yesterday but yes the infusion went smoothly. I am very fortunate to have NO side effects from my infusion. I came home, walked the dog a mile and made dinner!

Thu, Apr 9 7:21pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

Cab – are you at Mayo? If so see my last response. I do not know about gowns during the scan as they were not using either when I had my scans last month.

Thu, Apr 9 7:18pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

Synopsis of my visit to Mayo/Florida today: I wore my N95 mask and was not taking anymore chances as I felt I had been possibly exposed March 30-31 during brain radiation because no one wore masks. Greeted by 5 people wearing mask's and asked the usual questions. One came over and took my temperature by a new gadget (new at this Mayo) that read your temperature without touching you while held to your forehead. The place seemed empty until I got off on the 2nd floor. Whooa, lot's of people waiting to be called in for labs or visits. Waited 15 minutes to get called back to have labs drawn. Left the hospital and came home for the 2 hour break. Had a video conference with my PA which did nothing to ease my pain in my side or the pain in my chest. They cannot listen to you breathing or feel for lumps. But, at the same time we all need to keep as much distance as possible. I then drove back to a almost 1/2 empty parking lot. Checking back in to the same area, not as many people but all wore masks. Waited about 15 minutes to get called back. Greeter wore a mask and walked me to my room. Nurse came in with a mask on and asked me the same questions again. Asked her about some other nurses that I am use to seeing (been going almost 6 years) and was told many were sick or quarantined. No surprise there but it saddened me as it was so obvious to me that this was going to happen. Another nurse came in to sign off on my drug without a mask. She said, "sorry, I forgot my mask but we are 6 ft apart". If I had not had my mask on I would of said something not so nice. Had to wait 45 minutes to get my infusion and then another 45 minutes to do the infusion, do bp and get unhooked. When I left at 4:30 there was no one in the waiting room.

I feel that Mayo did not provide the staff with masks when it was deemed necessary, at least a month ago. I will probably never find out the true reason but I have heard the theories. Get to do this again (hopefully) in 3 weeks!

Wed, Apr 8 6:53pm · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

Thanks for the details Laurie! Mayo here in Florida called me yesterday regarding my appts tomorrow. Same 3 questions as usual. I asked if they are wearing masks and was told yes! FINALLY!!! Have labs, come home and have phone appt with PA and then go back for infusion. Hopefully all goes smoothly as I will be wearing my mask!

Mon, Apr 6 11:56am · Are you getting cancer treatments during COVID-19? in COVID-19

@ruttgerbay – That is great to hear Mayo Rochester requires the use of masks. Too bad Mayo Florida does not and actually asks you not to wear them unless you are sick. This knowledge is from being there 2 days (over 4 hours) with my brain radiation team. I am just praying I have not been exposed. And yes, I will be wearing a mask when I go for my labs and infusion on Thursday whether they like it or not.