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May 16, 2018 · Dysautonomia/Syncope in Brain & Nervous System

My wife was diagnosed with pure autonomic failure almost nine years ago. It is not a well known condition. I recently had to call paramedics after she had a really prolonged bout of unconsciousness and they both had never heard of this condition. She has blood pressure that rises to 200 – 225 systolic when laying and drops to around 60 – 80 when standing. This condition also affects her digestive system causing slow food transit so she has to take several laxatives to help the process. She can sometimes go as long as 4 weeks without passing out then she has a spell where she passes out up to three times a day without any forewarning. She is unable to walk more than a few yards before becoming very unsteady so has to use a wheelchair for her own safety. Her neurological team are very good – she gets out patient checks quite regularly and goes into hospital every couple of years for re-testing on that awful tilt table amongst other tests. I wish everyone well who has this and any other related conditions.