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4 days ago · Looking for young people with Graves Disease in Autoimmune Diseases

I have had diabetes for quite a # of years and two moves ago (in St. Louis) had a doctor who was an endocrinologist and wanted my A1c to be below 6. I was in my 50s At that time. Now, in my late 70s , I have a nurse-practioner who told me recently that below 8 was good. My eyes are full of matter which I wash out every day. I wear glasses and have regular eye check-ups. I have had ovarian cancer and a hysterectomy. Also little spots of breast cancer. I have no information about Graves’ disease. I do think I am getting arthritis but I am visiting a physical therapist next week, and I do admit that I like sedentary activities rather than walking,etc. I started the sitting trend after cancer surgery because I was afraid of falling. Just speaking up now because I feel tired all the time! Any comments welcome. PS Justgot put on 25 mcg of Synthropol before breakfast and it seems to make me more lethargic.

Sat, Jun 13 5:27pm · Please help reduce my stressing...test results may indicate cancer in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Excellent! I feel relieved for you,don’t you? A diagnosis by a recognized doctor is the first step,to recovery. That doctor will stay with you,advise you, and help to,lead you toward recovery. I have recovered from two cancers because of regular and sustained care and encouragement. If you have questions ask them. If you are not satisfied with the answers ask other doctors recommended to you. There is some excellent work going on to defeat cancer. Stay positive.

Sat, May 30 12:59pm · Please help reduce my stressing...test results may indicate cancer in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I understand your anxiety, especially in this age of corona virus. I have been having pain on the inside of one knee which I have been attributing to neuropathy as My diabetes is soaring due to nervous eating. I have experienced different doctors saying different things about what to do! I think your best bet is to consult another doctor(s). Good for you for posting on this board. You will get measured,experienced, and common sense advice.

Mon, May 25 2:02pm · The best AIC goal for type 2 diabetics in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thank you so much! I am 78 and have been concerned that my A1c has been a little above 7 recently. Ihave no intention of going off medication (or careful diet) . All of this is confusing.

Sun, May 17 3:49pm · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

Sorry. Dorisena. But maybe Dorisenda was a Freudian slip.🔅🔅🔆

Sun, May 17 3:46pm · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

You are a real Trojan,Dorisenda! You have lived on through a lot and survived because of your common sense. I/we are very appreciative for your sharing that common sense. Keep posting!

Sun, May 17 2:28pm · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

Just a comment—consult a doctor. I had shingles a #of years ago and still get itching on that side on my scalp and forehead. It is intermittent but probably caused by stress. I too am diabetic. The dermatologist has ignored the complaint!

Sat, May 16 5:45pm · HypoThyroid and depression in Depression & Anxiety

I wonder if writing it down is enough to make a woman see how she is being made smaller. It’s one step. Talking to a trained therapist or a wise friend is more help. She has to believe that she is an equal,even if she has less education or experience or if she is doing menial work while her partner does money-earning work. I have been married to two college professors;even though I was a high School teacher and a Harvard graduate, I felt I had to be pretty and clever and cope with all the entertaining responsibilities and housework.Eventually I had two daughters and they were my responsibility too. I taught them to be self-sustaining while I continued to feel like a shrimp in the salad! Now, with them grown and performing well and being themselves in spite of raising children(but with supportive husbands whose help they demand), I am feeling whole with my second husband. It took realizing how I was feeling and letting it go because we are in retirement together! Yes, together! He tells me what he wants and I do the same. Neither of us is trying to prove something to anybody. We have friends we share. We do things we agree on. If one doesn’t want it,the other finds a friend. This is learning from life experience, and Dorisena you are a wise woman. I get a lot out of your posts. In a way this pandemic has made us all slow down,take stock of what we have and appreciation the basic things, rather than running around to acquire thing and keep up. It is a period of wisdom for the universe.