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May 9, 2018 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

thank you so much for your help. My primary care doctor told me i need to have another ctscan in 4months the radiologist suggested 3-6months so my doctor decided to make it in the middle at 4 she did not mention any more testing other than that

May 9, 2018 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

2 years ago this summer i went to the er with a fever of 103.5 in july. they broke my fever and sent me home. 2 days later i still felt like crap that night i was laying down on my couch and wasnt breathing right like i wasnt getting enough air i was scared so i went back to the er, they did a ct chest scan and bloodwork my blood levels at that time were all whacked and ct showed adrenal gland nodule thyroid nodule and some in my left and right lungs i was hospitalized there for 5days for them to try to figure out what was wrong with me ,they at first thought it was possible i had lyme disease because of my fever a few days prior and then they ruled that out then i was told they were sure i had something called mens disease something i had never heard of in my life i was sent home on the 5th day and needed follow ups on all the findings well 1st thing adrenal nodule was fine in doctors words all spots found in lungs were gone except 1 in my middle right lobe which measued 4mm in july 2016 .and for my thyroid it got so big in a 5month period that it had to come out so i had a total thyroidectomy in january 2017 it was not cancer. i would like to note that i have had lower back pain for years since in my early 20s, but as of about 9years ago now ive had back pian in my upper right side of my back behind were i would think my middle right lobe would be, i had xrays 9years ago on my chest area because i was a smoker they thought my upper back pain was caused by my lungs but lungs were clear at the time so i was sent for an ultrasound thinking it was possibly my gallbladder and was diagnosed with fatty liver disease non alcohol kind, so i was reffered to a GI dr he told me i shouldnt feel pain from fatty liver disease so im like ok why do i still feel pain in the same spot all these years later? I quit smoking for 6 years and just started up again about a year ago pain was still there the whole time it comes and goes but always in the same spot. i never thought lung cancer because i dont cough alot or any of that kind of stuff. buty now im starting to worry and have questions regarding symptoms and if that back pian is somehow related. so i had a follow up ct scan without contrast in april of 2017 and that 1same spot in right middle lobe was still there and now reads on report it a 7x2mm linear opacity, so my primary care doctor said ok well keep an eye on it and have another ct in a year well now its been a year and now ct scan with contrast this time says 1 in same spot is now 6mm in diameter with scarring, and theres a new found 1 5mm in diameter nodule near the apex of the left upper lobe and states it is of indeterminate significance.and states airway patency displayed through the segmental level. also states there is a new uncalcified less than 5mm in diameter nodule in the left upper lobe. there is a stable predominantly linear approx 6mm opacity in the lateral segment of the right middle lobe. there is a punctate calcified nodule in the lateral basilar segment of the right lower lobe.Does anybody out there have any insight for me in there experiances please and thank you ahead of time I would also like to add I am tired all the time