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May 3, 2018 · Small Red Bump on Vagina in Women's Health

My other thoughts are syphilis sore or genital warts? Really hoping that’s not the case..

May 3, 2018 · Small Red Bump on Vagina in Women's Health

After changing out of my work clothes I noticed a small red bump on my vagina. Not sure if it could be from shaving although I doubt it as the last time I shaved was a week ago and it just appeared today. Was also thinking it could be from where my thigh and pants were rubbing against it. It looks to be almost like an open would with a very small amount of “blood” visible but when dabbed with TP nothing collects. It doesn’t hurt although it’s itchy. Attached are pictures with and without flash. I really hope it’s not an STD. I am sexually active with one partner and we don’t always use condoms as I am on the pill. We’re not totally exclusive but I highly doubt he’d be having sec with anyone else. I’d love to get screened for STDs but I’m only 17 and my parents would just kill me if they knew I was having sex. Especially if I had an STD.

If anybody could help me out ASAP that would be amazing thanks!!