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Tue, May 28 12:45pm · Problems After Hysterectomy in Women's Health

Oh my word! I'm sorry you are going through this. I am two years out, and I still cannot wear a waistband in a certain area. The waistband on my pants has to be higher or lower or I get a weird pressure pain/cramp, but nothing that causes such severe pain. I also had a prolapse repair so often after a bowel movement I will have pretty bad cramping (somewhere down there) that requires me to sit and be still for a bit. It typically only last a few minutes. I also still get "swelly belly", where your abdomen swells and gets hard after heavy activates or exercise. It used be everyday, by evening, I would be swollen. Now it is only when I'm super active. I say that only to let you know, I believe after two years I am still not 100% healed. I don't have any new issues, but the old ones are still hanging around. You may want to make a fuss with your doctors to see if they can get to the bottom of what is causing your cramping, especially if it wasn't there before. Keep us posted- @cherelle All the best!

Sep 18, 2018 · scheduling sacrocolpopexy and cystocele repair...more than a little scared in Women's Health

Hi! Yes! I did have prolapse repair and a partial hysterectomy performed at the same time in March of 2017. My life has completely changed. The upside, things are put back to where they are suppose to go, I am no longer in pain or feel as though I will hemorrhage to death once a month. The down side is, I cannot lift, push, or pull anything over 20 lbs for the rest of my life, (I am 45). That was a hard pill to swallow since I am very active, have horses, and am/was looking forward to lifting grandbabies one day. They will reach 20 lbs pretty fast. 🙁 But, I have come to terms with it, and have made changes to my daily life to accommodate. For example, I don't carry ALL the groceries in at once, I do smaller loads of laundry, and I have work hard to strengthened my arms because it is the lifting that uses your core that is restricted. The other negative: It took over a year for the feeling to come back in my nether regions and be able to enjoy sex with my husband again. No one had told me that could be a side effect, and that just about broke me. I would have rather of lost my right hand than to be broken in that way. But, he is a rock star husband and we are finally getting our groove and my feeling back! So, my advice, give your body time to repair. Its a pretty big surgery and it may take a minute for your body to find its way back to you. And be okay finding a new normal. It's not all bad having folks do the heavy lifting for you. 🙂

May 2, 2018 · scheduling sacrocolpopexy and cystocele repair...more than a little scared in Women's Health

@pma58 I am not sure if you've had your surgery, but like @gailg was saying, they can test you prior to your surgery to see if your prolapse is masking any issues with your bladder. The testing isnt very fun…but, it is very informative and then you can make decisions with your doctor how to proceed. My prolapse was also not letting me void completely, so my bladder never fully emptied, but I did not have any issues with incontinence therefore did not need repair to that during my prolapse surgery. BUT! If you have the testing and it shows that you have issues with incontinence it can be repaired the same time as the prolapse surgery. 🙂