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Mon, Jan 21 3:03pm · Darzalex Treatment in Blood Cancers & Disorders

That's funny cuz I have a handicapped daughter who had a kidney transplant in 2004 so we also have made many yearly treks to Mayo ( I know not near as far) but Diana just loves the trips. Also our vacation! Last week we went to the pound and the Spam Museum in Austin plus our shopping trips to Goodwill and Savers

Sun, Jan 20 3:31pm · Darzalex Treatment in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I was diagnosed in April 2016. I had been losing weight and anemic but my GP never sent me to cancer specialist, just kept trying to find out himself what was wrong. In retrospect I wish I would have googled symptoms and lab results myself. but hindsight is always right. I ended up in the hospital with cardiac tamponade and was diagnosed almost immediately after that. Started revlimid and velcade with prednisone. After 4.5 cycles was ready for a stem cell transplant (I was still 62 at at that time). During my workup at Mayo Clinic it was found I also had amyloidosis which is not good. Still passed everything and had transplant Aug.19. It went pretty good considering. Seemed to be a success and I stated feeling much better. Started maintenance revlimid in Dec. We are dairymen and went back to work on farm and did bloodwork every month. The lambda numbers and protein spike started going up 2 years post sct. Had my checkup at Mayo last week and my doctor wants to start Daralex with velcade and prednisone and discontinue the revlimid. I am home again and waiting to hear from my doctor here in Sioux Falls (I'm from SW.MN – 3 hrs from Rochester). I still feel really good and my cramps from taking the revlimid are gone.I was just wondering what my new symptoms were going to be. I did have a hip replaced last March which is doing good and a shoulder injection last week while at Mayo. Bone Marrow biopsy showed the amyloidosis is back too. I noticed you take Claritin and was wondering why that would help for bone pain. I had awful bone pain when starting chemo the first time and had to be given morphine to get it under control..Hate to have that happen again. Thanks so much for your time! Frieda

Sun, Jan 20 1:06pm · Darzalex Treatment in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Was wondering if anyone has been treated with Daralex and velcade for their MM and what were body's reactions to it. My free light chains and protein spike have been going up after CST 2.5 years ago and this is the next suggested step

Jun 29, 2018 · Don't Want To Be a Complainer in Chronic Pain

Found them in sporting good section of store. I think hikers use them. Don't make me feel quite as "old" using one of them instead of a cane. Also can lengthen them really easily to length you want

Jun 28, 2018 · Don't Want To Be a Complainer in Chronic Pain

Have you tried walking sticks? I use one when my back gets tired and sore (had compression fractures due to multiple myeloma). $18 for 2 at walmart.