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Mar 5, 2019 · Anyone had shoulder replacement at Mayo Clinic? in Joint Replacements

Hi, marilynn. I had reverse shoulder replacement 6 months ago at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Dr. Sperling was great. The recovery was/is difficult, but pain was not a big problem. My shoulder is my dominant arm, so having it in the immobilizer 24/7 for 6 weeks was no picnic. Also, there were passive exercises 2-3 times a day for the 6 weeks. My daughter had to manipulate my arm for those exercises, about 15 minutes each set. At 6 months out, in what my surgeon says is a 2 year recovery, I have some aching at times, but no bad pain. I don't need help with my clothes or hair and I can vacuum, sweep…things I had difficulty with before the surgery. I have been limited to lifting 10 lbs, but can now work up gradually to 25 lbs. Overall, I am very happy that I had the surgery, even though I was ready to burn that immobilizer after those 6 weeks.

Oct 12, 2018 · Aromatase Inhihibitors: Did you decide to go on them or not? in Breast Cancer

I decided against it. I was diagnosed earlier this year, stage one,
negative nodes. I had lumpectomy and 3 proton beam treatments. I am
currently recovering from reverse shoulder replacement, have had two knee
replacements, lots of arthritis, and fibromyalgia. I am almost 70,
currently taking tamoxifen, and fingers crossed evdrything will go well.

Aug 1, 2018 · Reverse Shoulder Replacement: Recovery process in Joint Replacements

I am scheduled for this surgery in September. I have been putting it off as long as possible, because I am worried about recovery. I don't have a lot of help and am very concerned with how well I will be able to handle daily living activities with the shoulder immobilizer. If anyone has gone through this recovery process, I would appreciate any advice or input you may have.

Jul 7, 2018 · Knee Replacement - Getting Prepared in Joint Replacements

I had a TKR in 2013 and a second one 5 months later. The second one was much easier because I knew what to expect. I was able to manage more without help at an earlier stage. You really should have someone stay with you for at least a week or so and someone to drive you to appointments the first couple of weeks. I'm not much for pain meds, but I did use them the first week. Since I couldn't drive for a couple weeks, my physical therapist came to my home. That was a Godsend. Make sure you continue all prescribed exercises, and walk around the house, as prescribed. By a week, I was just using tylenol and by two weeks. I was walking outside without a cane. I used a Walker to get to bathroom and around the house the first week.