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4 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Is Scottsdale a primary care clinic? I do know that in order to go to a primary care clinic, you need to have started going there prior to being on Medicare. They, I believe, will accept Medicare patients who started there while on another insurance and transitioned into Medicare. Another way to get in the door is to go through the ER. A neighbor of ours went to the ER in Jax and then was able to see drs. In the clinic…..not the primary care clinic but the one with the specialists. It’s very confusing to someone who doesn’t get how this all works. Yes, that 15% extra that Mayo charges could get expensive if your secondary insurance doesn’t cover most of it. Thankfully, ours does and I’m sure I didn’t pay more than $50 out of my pocket all last year.

4 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

I first went to Mayo Jax breast unit 3 years ago. I have seen a lot of dif. drs. In dif. Units and the breast unit is the best, hands down. If you call up there with a question, you WILL get a call back the same day and usually within an hr. I believe Mayo standard is 48 hrs. While I have never found a rude or seemingly uncaring employee of Mayo, the breast unit goes above and beyond the rest. When I first called up there, I also had an appt. within a week. How I wish all depts were so easy to get into and deal with.

4 days ago · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

Well, I can tell you that Mayo Jax is no better as far as denying patients. Neurology wouldn’t see my husband because it had been over 3 years since he had seen a neurologist there. Just this last week, he was actually given an appt with a gastro dr and they called back and cancelled it. He had an endoscopy and colonoscopy by a dr in that Dept. just in May. But he is having issues with his hemoglobin count and his local hematologist referred him back to that gastro. He was told that wasn’t this drs specialty and he would have to be referred by a Mayo dr. Hopefully we can get that done tomorrow when he sees his cardiologist there. As a triple negative breast cancer patient, I have seen drs. in several depts. and have no trouble getting referred to another by my oncologist there. We are also on Medicare if that seems to make a difference. I know we can’t get into Mayo primary care being on Medicare….tried that when we got fed up with local drs. So it doesn’t seem to make a difference that you are an established Mayo patient. You have to be established in a particular Dept. to get an appt. We drive for 1 1/4 hrs. for these appts so it made sense to have local primary care drs. Big Mistake….huge mistake. They are just getting too busy to handle the volume of patients is my guess but it is very frustrating to say the least.

Sun, Sep 8 10:21pm · Ideas for pain relief from Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN) in Neuropathy

@jager5210, I went to Mayo Jax for my chemo induced neuropathy. I was told the same as John. Nothing could be done as long as all I had was the numbness.

Thu, Sep 5 9:26pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I have a question for all of you. My neuropathy was chemo induced. It isn’t as bad as some of you have it by any means. Mine is more numbness and my feet feeling like they are swollen and tight. It seems to get progressively slightly worse with occasional burning in a few toes.
My dilemma is that my cancer has progressed and I now have stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. There are some tests being done now and the results will determine treatment. One of the two treatments (depending on test results) is known to cause neuropathy. I really am having a problem with the thought of knowingly walking into the pain that I know some of you are having. Of course, the alternative is not desirable either. I very easily may have to make this decision on the 16th. I am almost 70. My husband and family don’t see any choice; you do what is necessary to stay alive. But they have no conception of what is now only constant discomfort but could be so much worse. So for those of you who have the constant pain, which would you value more….quality versus quantity?

Wed, Sep 4 10:00am · Palliative Care in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@ seaspray Hope the hurricane leaves you alone. We never lost power here in Ormond Beach…..flickered a few times. Mayo does now have clinical trials at least in the triple negative breast cancer area. I also went to Moffitt for a clinical trial for the breast cancer, which I also flunked out of. They had a trial of the same drug at Mayo but it didn’t start as soon as Moffitt's did and my oncologist was afraid I wouldn’t qualify at Mayo time wise as they didn’t have a start date yet and there was a time limit on how long it could be after your chemo ended. Now that it's back in my lungs, there is another trial at Mayo that I may qualify for depending on my Foundation One and PD-L1 test results.

Sun, Aug 18 10:29pm · Anyone dealing with triple negative breast cancer metastasis? in Breast Cancer

@ethanmcconkey, I have had TNBC IN 2016/17. Now it appears to be back in lung Mets.. I should talk to the oncologist tomorrow, if not, I’ll send her a massage thru the portal. Then we can get started on a treatment plan.

Fri, Aug 16 11:10pm · Anyone dealing with triple negative breast cancer metastasis? in Breast Cancer

I’m looking for someone to discuss stage 4 metastasis to the lungs.