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Apr 11, 2018 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hello all, I had a TKR of my left knee 4 months ago. I am stuck at about 95 degrees flexion. I have very sharp pain behind the knee when trying to bend past that. The MRI shows a very swollen Popiteal muscle, but my doctor says this is unusual and isn't quite sure what is causing this sharp pain. I was taken out of p.t. and just resumed it again. The pain sometimes is on the outer side of the knee as well. Has anyone experienced this sharp pain behind the Knee? This is really prohibiting the ability to bend the stupid knee! I have crazy tightness across the knee as well. I'm guessing scar tissue is the cause? Unfortunately, I have a bad ankle/foot on the opposite side too, it makes walking a challenge. I knew the recovery would be harder due to my limitations, I'm just frustrated, upset and hoping for a positive turn around. This site is great, the info I've read from everyone is so helpful. So, anyone with this behind the knee pain PLEASE…id love any info you have. Thank you