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Feb 20, 2019 · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

Here’s one for you….my program (Virginia HPMP) won’t accept nail or hair testing in place of or even as a supplement to blood PEth. Why?

They say, “because those tests aren’t positive enough.” Allow me to translate….”positive tests keep us in bidness.”

Follow the $$$, folks.

Nov 21, 2018 · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

From what I’ve seen I don’t think 250 mg once a day will do it. It MIGHT (because everybody’s different) , but I doubt it. I would at least do 500 mg twice a day and see how the next PEth looks.

Very hard to say when it will kick in. I imagine it will start working against PLD right away…but in terms of when it will work OPTIMALLY, we might assume that that will require the drug to reach a “steady state.” We really don’t know about Honokiol to address these issues, but there are some GENERAL rules we can apply.

In rats, doses of Honokiol given IV (rather than by mouth) have a half-life of about an hour. But it’s hard to apply that to our situation because we’re requiring absorption from the bowel rather than direction injection into the blood. Plus Honokiol is primarily metabolized in the liver, and that can complicate things when you’re dealing with an oral drug.

An educated guess is that you’d be a steady state in five to 10 hours. That’s just an educated guess.

Another, maybe less reliable rule of thumb is that you’ll steady state after seven doses of the drug. Whatever the car, it’ll start working quickly.

All of this info just highlights the overarching point that these mendacious, unethical test developers are really putting a lot of people on the spot by trotting out a test without sufficient study. How they can look at themselves in the mirror every morning is beyond me. And, no, that’s a comment on their lack of ethics, not their lack of looks…though….I’ve done some. background on these punk test developers and seen photos of some of them. Shhhh…just between you, me, and the wall….the mug on each one of them would make a freight train take a dirt road on a GOOD day. But shhhh on that.

I dang wish a good lawyer would get on this issue and take these for-profit test developers and companies to school. In Federal court!

Nov 21, 2018 · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

Sorry for the delay….I didn’t realize you’d replied!

From what I can tell one gram of oral honokiol taken twice daily will block the PLD enzyme and therefore block the formation of PEth.

Now…everyone’s different and probably some people have a more active PLD system than others. But from what I can tell, one gram by mouth twice a day should block it.

No overdose or toxicity has ever been reported with Honokiol…but you might want to start slow with it. Some people say it makes them tired.

You can get Honokiol over the counter at health food stores…it usually comes in 200 mg or 250 mg capsules. So that means you’d need to take four or five capsules by mouth twice a day, depending on the capsule size.

Hope this helps.

Apr 9, 2018 · Other causes of failed PEth test for alcohol abuse? in Mental Health

This PETH test is BS. Point. Blank. I know several non-drinkers who’ve tested positive and suffered the consequences.

I think it’s time to get Congress involved! In the meantime, might we not fight fire with fire? This PETH is created by an enzyme called Phospholipase D. Amazon (and many local health stores) carry things that block Phisoholipase D. Phytoceramide and Honokiol are two of them.

My $.02.