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Apr 4, 2018 · Scoliosis - Introduce yourself and meet others in Spine Health

Thankyou everyone for your advice! I probably should have mentioned my spinal curve starts at my pelvis and bends to the left, my pelvis is at different heights so I have one longer leg by about 2cms. And also I was told that it has a twist (outward) at the middle of my back and at my neck. They told me when I was 13 I might have trouble giving birth naturally because the opening is off Centre. This is why I was wondering if it could be causing all those problems in my pelvic region!

Apr 3, 2018 · I need guidance! in Just Want to Talk

Hi I am a Female, 21 and I was married 8 months ago. I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis when I was 13 and it seems to be slowly getting worse. I suffer from chronic back pain and fatigue but I’m not so sure that it’s solely related to my scoliosis as it is severe in my muscles around the spine some days. I also suffer from extremely Frequent UTI’s (about 5 or more every 6 months) that have been tested positive every time and I have just been given antibiotics (Cephalexin) that I am now immune to so I have tried others. I had a miscarriage about 12 months ago very early stages about 5 weeks. I currently have a vaginal Candida infection that I have had constantly for over 9 months! It has changed in that time in texture and now has an embarrassing odour. my doctors keep giving me pessaries that don’t work. I have a very bad immune system, I pick up anything that’s going around very easily! I need some guidance please! because of my age I am not being taken seriously in many aspects of my life, for one, my husband and I would like to try for a baby however my doctor says we cannot have intercourse while I have the infection, regardless of the fact that I have constantly had it since before our wedding day. Also I have been put on leave management at work because the doctors tell me to rest and have pain killers. My superiors at work don’t take me seriously and have told me that I have to come into work even if I have to wear a diaper or that they would put me on night shifts if I want so that I don’t have to be around anyone so that I am not embarrassed. It is really frustrating me that I am being treated like a delinquent child rather than an adult with health issues that I am trying my best to amend. I am the youngest in my workplace ( I work in administration at a hospital) I really need to be at work as I am paying off debts and my husband doesn’t have stable work, which my superiors know. everything is really starting to effect my mental health, I have started getting pretty severe anxiety almost everyday and panic attacks. And I am just really starting to feel like I could just curl up in bed and never leave the house again. For your information I have been tested for STIs and I was negative along with my husband, I have been with him for 4 years and only slept with someone else once and the same for him. I am sorry this is a massive paragraph but I need some guidance because I am not getting any support where I’m at. I would love to know if anyone has suffered anything similar and I would love to hear your suggestions!

Apr 3, 2018 · Scoliosis - Introduce yourself and meet others in Spine Health

(Female) Hi I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis when I was 13, it has been very slowly getting worse I am only 21 now but I would really like to know if it has caused many other medical problems in other people. I also suffer from chronic back pain but I am unsure if it is solely related to the scoliosis as it as not a severe curve. I have many ongoing problems with my reproductive system and genital area and I would really like to know if anyone else suffers the same or similar. I am really stumped for what to do because not many doctors seem to take me seriously they just give me pain relief and time off work, nothing long term. I am in a really tough spot at work now where they are monitoring my time off and treating me like an immature child for example in meetings I get told “it’s good to see you’re turning up for your shifts” and I have also been told that at this point I don’t really have a choice and that I would have to come in to work in an adult diaper with pain or they would refer the meetings to HR to put me down for ‘not fit for work’( I work at a hospital in administration) I really would like to be at work as I need the money as I am recently married, so all of this is also having a really bad effect on my mental health! Sorry to ramble on I am just trying to put it all out there because I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with anyone else.