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5 days ago · Cording / Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS) in Breast Cancer

So sorry you are going through this. My cording went away last year after PT manipulation and home stretching exercise, however, it's B-A-C-K! Now instead of 1 cord, I have 2. Lucky me. Kind of feels like our arms are being ripped out of the skin, right? Due to the shelter-at-home, my PT was cancelled but I was able to get a video appointment. She's shown me an additional stretch which, while excruciating, I think it's helping a little. It's been explained to me that it like a blood vessel vein, but it's a lymph vein that's basically backed up with lymph "sludge." I've been looking on YouTube for an example – not sure if you're doing this one but about 2:20 it shows the PT stretching from the pectoralis muscle next to the breast tissue. This is now starting to help me somewhat. It's also important to do your lymphedema exercises 3X a day. I hope you get relief soon. This stuff is painful and annoying.

6 days ago · Aches and pains in the bones in Breast Cancer

@oswald3055 There are two other aromatase inhibitors you can try. I was started off with anastrozole first and the foot, ankle, and hand pains were too much…could barely walk. Then next up letrozole – nope…didn't work for me with pain and other problems. Finally started on exemestane and so very much better. Yes, I still have some problems but not to the extent of the other two. My advice to you is try another AI. As far as being hot, that's part of the problem with reducing estrogen in your body. Exercise seems to help as well as staying hydrated and dressing in layers and try to be in cottons helps.

Sun, Mar 29 3:26pm · Double Mastectomy and possible Colon Cancer in Breast Cancer

Lots has changed in the handling of colon cancer…all for the better. Please just focus on one day at a time and don't borrow trouble. I went from DDD down to an A- and it's okay. When you first look at your chest, it will not be a pretty sight with tubes and stitches. However, it's going to get loads better. I am a year out now and finally got rid of the UGLY compression bras and my physical therapist prescribed different ones. WearEase makes nice camisole support ones and the material is slinky…makes me feel like a woman again. And, you know what, you can lay out in the sun topless and get an all over tan…as long as no one is looking! All the best to you.

Sat, Mar 28 10:30am · Double Mastectomy and possible Colon Cancer in Breast Cancer

I am sorry you are going through this. Don't lose faith, but stay focused on the present. It's going to take your strength and presence of mind to handle day by day activities. Know this though, there are good treatments out there for you. If there is a cancer support group in your area, you may wish to join after you heal from the surgery where you can talk with others about what you are going through. All the best in your care.

Fri, Mar 27 6:13pm · Do you get routine scans for breast cancer followup? in Breast Cancer

@baker1 By any chance, does your facility have video visits or doctor e-mail? If they do, you can always ask the cardiologist questions that way. Of note also, sometimes you can push further with insurance company for them to take a second look at your request. Usually people don't follow through when first denied – it pays to try further.

Fri, Mar 27 6:11pm · Excessive mucus without cough in Lung Health

@geegie Let me reiterate, you would need to check with your pulmonologist. If your lungs are clear by CT chest and also x-ray, they may not prescribe this, but for my problem it really helps AND, most importantly, drink plenty of water to help aid thinning of mucus. Here's a link to the HillRom Vest system: https://hillrom.com/en-us/products/respiratory-care/the-vest-airway-clearance-system—home-care-model-105/

Fri, Mar 27 2:39pm · Do you get routine scans for breast cancer followup? in Breast Cancer

I have PET scans every 6 months. I would not be having those for my infiltrating ductal cancer, but the second type of cancer I had (in another tumor) was neuroendocrine which is highly aggressive and can pop up any time, anywhere.

Fri, Mar 27 1:00pm · Excessive mucus without cough in Lung Health

@tsedachalemu Because I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis with atelectasis, my pulmonologist ordered "The Vest" for me to help move mucus in my lower lungs. Drinking lots of liquid helps mucus thin out.