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1 day ago · Anastrozole - headaches, disequilibrium, and groin pain in Breast Cancer

I had to stop the anastrozole due to splitting headaches 24/7. I was given a couple of weeks off and then started on letrozole, but no headaches with that.

Fri, Aug 16 11:53am · SERMs and AIs - Choosing not to take them in Breast Cancer

@lisman1408 I also broke out in a rash over most of my body starting in my scalp, underarms, lets, etc. Yikes…what we have to go through! But the bone aches and joint pain are the worst.

Wed, Aug 14 7:47pm · Aromasin (exemestane) in Breast Cancer

@dac58 You would have to check with your care center/provider. At the large facility I belong to, standard care for breast cancer staging is bone scan and body scan. MRI is not standard care. I was fortunate when I spoke with my surgeon about my concerns for being sure the unaffected breast didn't have anything growing, that she ordered it for me and that's when we found the secondary tumor in the affected breast, i.e. one was outer inner and the second was just on the opposite side of that tumor. Again, my other breast was clear. My breasts have always been quite dense and, what surprised me was when I thought I felt another node and had to have a mammogram following radiation, was (even though I had partial mastectomy), the breast tissue is still dense and difficult to visualize and had to have additional magnification views to see the new microcalcification clusters.

Wed, Aug 14 9:29am · Aromasin (exemestane) in Breast Cancer

@hopeful33250 Yes, it was small but was told it is aggressive. Had the MRI not been done, this could have been a whole different story ending for me.

Wed, Aug 14 7:52am · Aromasin (exemestane) in Breast Cancer

@hopeful33250 The MRI was on both breasts prior to noting the tumor on the same affected breast, just on the inner upper side. The first tumor was on the outer side.

Tue, Aug 13 9:56pm · Aromasin (exemestane) in Breast Cancer

@hopeful33250 My first lumpectomy was infiltrating ductal carcinoma with erosion of 1 of 3 cancerous nodes. Prior to that, I was given a body scan and bone scan. Following my first lumpectomy, I asked for an MRI (which is not standard protocol) as I was concerned about the unaffected breast. Had I not asked for that, we would not know that there was a second tumor, i.e. the infiltrating ductal carcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation. And thank goodness, the pathologist examining that tumor did the correct staining or this would not have been known at all as it is rare, but the pathologist knows their stuff! I have not had any other blood work or any Gallium scan. Six months ago I had my first PET scan which was completely normal. The most recent PET scan noted the area in my previously affected breast that on recent mammogram showed a cluster of microcalcifications. Both the radiologist from mammogram and the radiologist reading the PET scan have suggested close monitoring and so that's where we remain at this point – mammogram and PET scan again in 6 months.

Mon, Aug 12 8:31am · Aromasin (exemestane) in Breast Cancer

@kanaazpereira By any chance, are there any articles in layman's terms? And would there be any articles of infiltrating ductal cancer with neuroendocrine differentiation?

Sun, Aug 11 6:52pm · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

@gwinter I'm sorry that you had BP elevation. I'll be sure to keep an eye on mine when I start. But must have been nice for no bone aches..ugh…makes me feel 50 years older! What are they putting you on next?