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Mar 30, 2018 · Bipolar 2, Total Knee Replacement Revision: Apply for Disability? in Mental Health

I'm dealing with the same issues as everyone else across the US.
Although the CDC is now saying these were guidelines, not law, the data was bad not based on evidenced-based science; they opened a Pandora’s box for both politicians and insurance companies.
If a doctor prescribes over a certain limit, the DEA will red flag the practice and it gives insurance companies a reason to deny coverage.
There are practices that no matter what the diagnosis will only prescribe 40 MME’s.
How does that make sense?
All painful conditions are not equivalent!
Why? Because there’s a segment of society that does not value life and will inject anything into their bodies knowing that they could die!
Side note:
Yesterday, I read a news article about 3 hospital admissions due to IV injection of wasp poison and methamphetamine combo.
The government is imposing guidelines on legitimate chronic pain patients to prevent these drug addicts from killing themselves.
Their parents go to DC. appealing to our government to stop the deaths yet they often leave out the ugly side of the death. I’m sure their child may have had a future and looked sweet at 12 years old. By the time they died at 19-30 years old, that potential was gone and take away all the prescription drugs on the market, they will find another chemical to shoot into their veins!

Mar 29, 2018 · Bipolar 2, Total Knee Replacement Revision: Apply for Disability? in Mental Health

I filled out the forms online, met with a counselor who reviewed my case (I think they wanted to make sure I was a real person) and from the date I applied to approval was 90 days. They back dated my payments to the beginning of that year. No lawyers. I’m grateful to have completed it when I did; I thought I’d be out of the workforce for maybe a year. I had another surgery on my cervical spine that ruined any chance of recovery. Now, I’m permanently disabled and have to fight every month for medication. I had no idea that when people are at there most vulnerable they are treated with such disrespect!

Mar 29, 2018 · Bipolar 2, Total Knee Replacement Revision: Apply for Disability? in Mental Health

Try not to use a lawyer. They will get a large amount of your claim. My advice is to file the claim yourself. This time it is very important to give QUANTITATIVE Measures to questions. How much can you lift? 5 pounds. How long can you stand? 5 minutes unassisted. Sitting? In a state what type of chair you can sit for X number of minutes. These are very important in completing the application.

Mar 28, 2018 · Politics of Pain in Chronic Pain

After botching a cervical spine surgery leaving me in severe pain, a neurosurgeon wanted to fuse my lumbar spine. I left his clinic and “Care.” The next doc recommended a RFA to the facet joints in my lower back at S1. I was pain free x 6 months. I’m still coping with severe pain but any additional pain makes my body overreact and no medication is effective. It does not work for everyone and it’s not cheap(I have private insurance) $8,000 the doc got about $800 the hospital $7,200. If it works, it’s amazing to walk pain-free.

Mar 28, 2018 · Bipolar 2, Total Knee Replacement Revision: Apply for Disability? in Mental Health

If you are 73 years old, you qualify for Social Security. You shouldn’t apply for disability. They will not approve Social security + Disabilty. I recieve Disability each month and when I turn 65 I will qualify for social security and my disability payments will stop. The check will be for the same amount of money I received under disability.
If your getting Social Security that’s all the government will pay you. If this is the case, look into your State and county’s Eldercare programs. There are many programs available to seniors and disabled people you may not be aware exist.