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2 hours ago · Waiting for scan results. Is this part of scanxiety? in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

So what are youl nervous about? Are you claustrophobic? If so you can ask to have an open MRI. You could ask to be put to sleep. They have short acting sleep medications available or you might ask your doctor for a tranquilizer. There are certain medical health conditions where an MRI may not be recommend, Epilepsy, which is my nemesis, being one but I’ve had at least 4 with no problems. I’d rather have. You could ask if a CT would be appropriate in your condition although CT’s use radiation. There are about 40 million MRI’s done in every year.

12 hours ago · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

Very good! Keep them coming.

1 day ago · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

I wouldn’t do that if I were you but if your determined, good luck.

1 day ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

That’s probably why your going through the withdrawals. Effexor needs to be stopped slowly, VERY SLOWLY!

1 day ago · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Not without a leash, lol

1 day ago · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Some people I know who regularly have Focal Impaired seizures said I wouldn’t have walked off the edge but I wouldn’t want to put it to the test. I was probably acting weird, yeah yeah I know, I meant more so than usual. “Wondering” is common during Focals.