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Mar 21, 2018 · "Electric Shock" type pain in my scalp! in Chronic Pain


I found this discussion by searching online for my symptoms. I currently suffer from these Zap / electric shock style pains a few times a year.
In the last month I have had these periods twice. I am currently in the middle of one of these episodes and its driving me crazy.
I seem to always get it on the top of my head at the back. It often moves behind the ear but mostly on top of the head.
I always thought it was down to tiredness as sometimes it would go away if I had a good long sleep.
The Zaps are bearable but can be annoying sometimes. I have had this for around 5 years or so. I had a sinus infection recently and wondered had that brought it on.
I was wondering how @rebe feels now? has the Zaps stopped since you tried the ice pack and one 20mg prednisone tablet?

Any information would be appreciated.