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Nov 15, 2019 · Mayo Clinic Patient Portal: How do I find it? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hello @packgb19! Yes, the quickest and easiest way to check your appointments, and communicate with your providers is by signing up for patient online services and by downloading The Mayo Clinic app on your smart phone. You can signup by following the instructions below;

Otherwise you can call 507-538-3879 or 877-858-0398 for assistance.

Have great weekend!

Aug 26, 2019 · Lodging/housing option at Mayo for patients in radiation in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hello @merrijohnson, I hope you had a good weekend. Sorry I could not reply right away, I was off on Friday. As others have already stated, The Hope Lodge provides accommodation to patients who are undergoing radiation treatment. All you need is to obtain a referral from your Doctor, Oncology nurse or social worker to bring to Hope lodge. If Hope Lodger has no immediate accommodation then they will provide you a list of hotels that offers special discounts to those waiting to get into Hope Lodge.; if you have any questions about The Hope Lodge call 507-529-4673.

You can also find other donation based lodging facilities such as Hands of Compassion only four blocks away from Mayo Clinic.!hands-of-compassion/c1o0m, or call 507-289-6025.

You can also find other extended stay options that a well priced with weekly and monthly rates; Serenity House Network offers various furnished apartment sizes that maybe suitable for your family. For information availability contact them at 507-273-0470.

Best of luck to you and you family. If you wish to speak with anyone about lodging please contact us at 507-538-8438.

Aug 21, 2019 · Kennel recommendations in Rochester for an out of towner in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hello @IndianaScott, welcome to Rochester! @colleenyoung, @jannaconciergeb is not with Concierge Services and we are working on finding a suitable replacement. Below are few more suggestions;

Sonja's Pet Services LLC
(507) 319-4107

Bear Creek Kennels- Pet Services:

Cascade Animal Medical Center

Leashes & Leads:

Clip N' Dip:

Rusty Oaks Kennels-Pet Services:

I hope you find these helpful.

Aug 8, 2019 · Suggestions for a stay at Mayo Rochester in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hi @susan2018, My name is Lawrence and I am one of the Concierge at Mayo Clinic. I hope all goes well for your husband. I see you have had a lot of great suggestions from other group members, and so I will just make a few suggestions; We have free Riverside Concerts at Mayo Civic center every Sunday starting at 7:00 PM-
There are also several Restaurants/Bars with live music in the evenings. Experience Rochester Website and Magazine is a great resource for things to do, where to stay and places to eat when you are planning your trip. Here is the website;

Some of our visitors especially those staying for extended periods of time tend to use short term rental agencies like the Serenity house Network for their accommodations. They have found this to be more cost effective compared to regular hotels. See the link below for detailed information;

Concierge services in located on the main floor of the Mayo Building inside the International center. Please, feel free to visit with any one of our staff member during your stay or simply stop in for a cup of coffee and fresh fruit. We have several booklets and brochures of events and places to visit that you can take for your reference.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Lawrence Mindela

May 10, 2019 · Making decisions about air travel when traveling for medical help? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

My apology, I mistyped the phone number for Mayo Clinic Concierge Services; it's 507-538-8438

May 10, 2019 · Making decisions about air travel when traveling for medical help? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hi Sheim, there are several resources available that you can use to help you navigate the challenges you have just described, especially luggage handling. If you get a chance call 507-568-8438 and speak with one of the Mayo Clinic Concierge. They will give you some valuable insight on how to go about it. You can also get assistance at the airport, both Rochester and Minneapolis airports have employees who can help you with luggage even disembarking the plan fi need be. You can make a request for help upon arrival at the airport or when you make your flight reservations.

Apr 17, 2019 · Financial Support for International Patients at Mayo Clinic in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@yazi_hic, what country are you originally from? Some countries do sponsor patient via their respective embassies. We have international patient coordinators that can help you understand the process if you are from one of those countries. In some case Mayo does provide charitable care to individuals throughout the US and the world. See the link below;

Apr 10, 2019 · Tips needed: How do you manage finances during a big medical event? in Just Want to Talk

If you have any non-medical concerns regarding travel, and lodging please don't hesitate to contact Mayo Clinic Concierge services at 507-538-8438.

If you reside in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin, you may be eligible for assistance with travel, lodging and meal expenses through your county. County case workers should call Mayo Clinic Social Work at: (507) 284-2131.

Patients who are in need of assistance for their travel to Mayo Clinic can also refer to the Patient Travel Referral Program, operated by Mercy Medical Angels (888) 675-1405. This program can assist patients in determining need and a suitable means of travel. There is no cost for the information and it is available 24/7 online. The Patient Travel Referral program has many resources at its disposal to assist patients and their families including airline tickets, volunteer pilot organizations and ground transportation options.