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1 day ago · Pancreatitis attack with just back pain symptoms? in Digestive Health

@clairep – Wellcome to Connect! Sorry to hear about your pancreatitis diagnosis. I have also been through that and I know what pain you are talking about. I’m glad you get some relief from Creon, but I don’t like that you are getting worse back pain. I think you should call your doctor now so you can be re-evaluated. Pancreatic pain refers to the back and you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on. Can you please get back to us about how you are doing?

2 days ago · Omeprazole questions in Digestive Health

@januaryjane – Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!
It sounds as if you feel worse now than when you started on omeprazole, right? The medication seems to help you with the nausea- decreases acid production in stomach. Your new symptoms with fatigue, low grade fevers, gas and diarrhea sounds more like an intestinal infection of some kind. It might be a good idea to contact your doctor again. You may need some more tests to see why you are so much worse. What do you think? Many of us here recognize your symptoms and know how you feel – I do! Can you please get back to us about what the doctor thinks?

3 days ago · Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) in Digestive Health

@rb4hu – As far as I know an abnormal Doppler ultrasound should be confirmed with a CTA. Since my surgery and stent placement I had follow ups with CTA. However, at my last visit I was told that I can have ultrasound exams. It also depends on the institution doing the test. It is always good to get a second opinion. You would then bring the report on the Doppler and the CTA images. It is possible a vascular surgeon or GI surgeon would have more experience evaluating your brother. If possible, go to a major university medical center. I hope he will get relief soon. I know that pain.

4 days ago · Extended abdomen after tummy tuck, constant pain in Chronic Pain

@sunshine18 – what a horrible feeling for you! I don’t have any direct answers except for my own experience with breast reconstruction many years ago. I was offered the abdominal flap which would give a more normal appearance. However, it could not be done because I did not have enough fatty tissue – hard to believe nowadays.. Later on I talked to women who had the procedure and regretted it because they use superficial abdominal muscles. This will eventually cause a bloated, loose appearance. I obviously don’t know what you went through. It is possible that the staples could irritate nerves. Someone should be able to find an answer for your pain. Please let us know how your visit goes!

Wed, Nov 27 6:02pm · Med detective needed, award given - adrenaline spikes in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@lilsprite @lisalucier – I read through conversations from last year on same subject- adrenaline rushes.
My daughter was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease after a long time of similar complaints and many other symptoms. She had persistent tachycardia and saw a cardiologist who prescribed a beta blocker which helped. But to me that is wrong! She was in her early 20s then. There has to be a reason for this. Finally she was tested and found to have a small pituitary tumor that stimulated cortisol production. Not all doctors- including endocrinologists- think to test for more rare illnesses. Also, the testing has to be done right and maybe repeated with time. MRIs for these tumors are very specific- not necessarily seen on regular brain MRI. She was lucky to be referred to a major university hospital. Sorry for this rambling, but I just wanted to share our experience with similar symptoms!

Wed, Nov 27 5:21pm · Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) in Digestive Health

@jonathand – I’m sorry to hear about your misery. Do you have pain after meals as well? I had same surgery and was fine for a few months, but then the pain returned. The celiac artery never unfolded and I got a stent to keep it open. It works well now. Nausea could have several causes including acid reflux. Check with your doctor if it could be from surgery- maybe they want to check if artery is still parent.

Mon, Nov 25 9:43pm · Sick daughter goes undiagnosed in Just Want to Talk

Another thought- at her age the thyroid should not be slightly off- no explanation. Same with progesterone. The pituitary gland in the brain regulates production of many hormones. Endocrinologists should be able to explain why. Don’t give up – keep pushing for answers to all deviations from normal.

Mon, Nov 25 9:30pm · Left shoulder pain 15 mins. after eating in Digestive Health

@cim37343 – I assume heart ailment has been ruled out? However, irritation of nerves around diaphragm will be felt in left shoulder area at times.