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8 hours ago · Problems 3 months after colon resection surgery: Help in Colorectal Cancer

@carlyrn – I’m sorry you are going through these pain episodes- while being pregnant too.
First- you had major surgery in October and lost part of your intestine -in the process the nerve supply probably was interrupted and has not had time yet to regrow. Therefore, it is easy to understand why you have constipation too. Irregular peristalsis. It’s good that the ER tests were normal though. Unfortunate that the staff didn’t treat you well. Are you able to contact your surgeon or gastroenterologist to talk about what’s happening and what else can do to alleviate the constipation?

4 days ago · I work in healthcare & am an at-risk patient too: COVID concerns in COVID-19

@nadine89 – Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I understand why you are worried. You are exposed to people sick with the virus. You are very much at risk-in my opinion. Your immune system is suppressed. I think you have to consult someone else about what you should do- I think the specialist nurse gave you wrong information. What about the physician treating you? No matter what you have to use all protective equipment recommended – at once. Please get back to us! You have to take care of yourself first.

Sun, Mar 22 12:15am · What can stunt height growth in teens? in About Kids & Teens

@anonymousforcertainreasons2 – I understand that you get worried when you watch your friends grow past you. You mentioned that bodies are different and you are right. It sounds as if you have not hit your growth spurt yet. When your body enters puberty depends on your hormones and genetics. If you have a family doctor or pediatrician the doctor could easily see what stage of puberty you are in by examining you. I guess many of your friends may appear more like adult males than a teenage boy. They are probably done growing- and you have not started. In the end you will likely be taller than them.
Looking at your father and grandfather will give you an idea of where you will end up.

Sat, Mar 21 12:04am · Lower lymphocytes following chemo--2 years later in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@jals – I’m so glad to hear that you are in remission! I agree that you should talk to your oncologist now to find out what your risks are. I had chemo for breast cancer 25+ years ago and since then my immune system seems compromised. Most recently I was treated with immunosuppressive meds for an autoimmune illness. My blood counts were acceptable, but I was sick often. I’m off now, but I still seem more fragile than I should be.

Fri, Mar 20 11:47pm · Family member with COVID 19 in COVID-19

@artscaping – This grandmother is worried too. Spoke to my daughter in Sweden today. Her children 8 & 5 seem to have the symptoms, but appear better. They are now with their father- shared custody. It is not easy to get tested there. Lack of tests I assume.

Fri, Mar 20 12:04am · COVID-19 symptoms and how they differ from Asthma symptoms in COVID-19

@designerjulie – if you have a cold and no fever but cough and chest congestion please use your asthma inhalers and call your doctor to discuss your symptoms And whether you need testing. No matter what the cause of asthma you will probably feel better after inhaler use.

Thu, Mar 19 7:13pm · constipation in Digestive Health

@jjzabler45 – could it possibly be hemorrhoids? A doctor could see on examination.

Mon, Mar 16 4:55pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

@annmariaa – I’m my opinion you are a very high risk person. Even if you don’t have the virus in your area yet, it maybe there tomorrow. Please, take good care of yourself and stay home.