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1 day ago · What things can stunt a child’s growth? in About Kids & Teens

The causes of stunted growth in a child are so numerous that a long list will not be helpful if @nvb1515 has a specific child in mind.

Sat, May 11 2:52pm · Teen daughter- Dizzy faints tired falls downs in About Kids & Teens

This was some years ago, but the main treatment was hypertonic saline nasal rinses- helped decongest nasal/ sinus passages. Also, wait it out.
He was seen by a Pediatric ENT.
Don’t give up. You can always get 2nd opinions.

Sat, May 11 6:14am · Teen daughter- Dizzy faints tired falls downs in About Kids & Teens

@julimleeds – was she evaluated by ENT? I’m thinking chronic sinusitis and/or inner ear disease. Did she have CT scan of head/ sinuses or MRI?
My son actually had a similar problem in 6th grade and missed almost a semester. ENT treated him for sinus pressure and inner ear problem- secondary to a viral infection. It slowly resolved, but was tough for him- and us parents to watch.

Sat, Apr 27 9:21am · Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) in Digestive Health

@kjmo73 – I understand your suffering!
Mayo sounds good- you have been entered in their system. Since you have an unusual anatomy, you’ll probably find the best surgeon there. They can coordinate evaluations by vascular and GI surgeons and the testing needed.

Sat, Apr 27 9:08am · Recurrent Fevers in About Kids & Teens

@ashleysb03 – I understand your concern. 6 weeks is a long time. He needs an organized workup for this fever of unknown origin. I’m also surprised he has not been tested for a urinary tract infection. However, at this point he needs more than bits and pieces testing. The fact that the fever goes away while on antibiotics makes it look like it still is a bacterial infection. Your son should be completely examined again Monday. As mentioned before, you might have to get a second opinion from someone affiliated with or recommended by a Pediatrics department at a major university health center. Hang in there!

Thu, Apr 18 11:32pm · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

@sue225 – I have used Iberogast for a long time now. It was recommended by GI at Mayo. I use it when eating meat- hard to digest food.

Sat, Apr 13 1:17pm · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

I agree that drugs to heal you can also kill you. My first colitis treatment was methotrexate. Had taken that poison already when I was getting chemo for breast cancer.
Some years later I took Imuran for 7 months. Remission. However, had several bad infections.
Do you ever drink pedialyte or other hydration fluid with diarrhea? Helps electrolyte balance.

Fri, Apr 12 6:58pm · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

@oakbourne – I had microscopic colitis too. Bad disease- couldn’t be more than 10 feet away from bathroom. However, when first diagnosed I was given immunosuppressive rx and it healed. I was warned it might come back, and it did in a different form, involving entire GI tract on and off for many years until I took immunosuppressive rx again for several months. It’s been 3 years now without recurrence.
My daughter has celiac and multiple food allergies, suddenly. Depressing.