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2 days ago · Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scan: What does it tell you? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@jfperrone – I did some research on congenital absent gallbladder. It is rare, but does exist and one could get symptoms of gall stone attack.
I think it can only be diagnosed through surgery and direct observation. May be a question for the gastroenterologist?

5 days ago · COVID-19 Long Haulers: Symptoms lasting 30 days plus in COVID-19

@lmspencerpac @ccbelle – Since this discussion first started, there is more mention in the news and other media about the long term illnesses that continue after the acute phase. We are only a few months into this pandemic and I feel the focus so far has been on saving the acutely I’ll and trying different treatments.
The next step is to help everyone with continued symptoms. I can’t see anyone returning to work with fever and extreme fatigue. The immune system is still challenged and added stress of working could set you up for other problems.
Not everyone has disability insurance either- big problem with job security then.
It is clear that our country has to take care of the long term haulers – but how?
I read the daily Swedish news on line and they have the same problems there- and nobody knows what to do.
My advice for now is to stay home as long as there is fever and major fatigue.
Let’s keep talking about it so information can be shared.

5 days ago · C Diff and neck pain? in Digestive Health

@skolotilin – That is wonderful news!! I know it is wrong of me to say this, but I love Prednisone. It has made me lose pain so quickly. Pain in my insides from the autoimmune problem, sinus pain and of course asthma.
I also agree that it’s hard to think with pain like that. In the past month I had horrendous headaches( sinus) and back pain from falling cracking a rib too.
I really could not think anything through.
I hope you’ll stay better.
Please return to us with updates! We don’t let you go that easily! There is much for members to learn from your experiences.

6 days ago · COVID: July and Still No Decisions About Public Schools Reopening in Just Want to Talk

This is a lively discussion- an important one, since the children’s education will suffer again. Also, their social development.
Where I live, they are talking about the hybrid type- one group in am and one in pm combined with distance learning.
The American Academy of Pediatrics want the kids back in school. Not much time left now before school starts.
My grandchildren, 8 and 5, live in southern Sweden where COVID has not caused as much sickness as in Stockholm. They have so far continued to go to school.
Each area has to do the best it can to return to some normalcy without risking lives.
This pandemic still has a long way to go. The kids definitely will be set back. Sad.

Thu, Jul 2 11:28pm · Malabsorption Syndrome Questions in Digestive Health

@kidprodigy – Congratulations!! It sounds like a successful procedure. Now you just have to wait for the pathology. You might very well have a malabsorption syndrome- celiac like you mentioned.
Please get back to us after results are in!

Thu, Jul 2 1:30pm · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

@lucillem72 – Dry vagina is due to menopause. I had breast cancer at 48 – back then it was only double negative, triple wasn’t in the vocabulary. During chemo I went straight into menopause. My oncologist advised me not to use estrogen creams. There are other products that help.

Tue, Jun 30 4:33pm · C Diff and neck pain? in Digestive Health

@skolotilin – I am so sorry to hear about your pain in addition to the difficult GI diseases you are dealing with.
Seeing a rheumatologist is a great step now! We do know that Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease connected with arthritis conditions and that it is fairly common to have more than one autoimmune illness. There are some illnesses affecting the spine.
I assume you have not had any X-rays either?
Also, have you had bone density scans? Osteoporosis can also cause problems in your spine affecting your nerves. I also assume that you have taken steroids over the years, which of course is detrimental to bone density.
I have taken a lot of steroids myself over the years for autoimmune GI conditions. It shows in one of my lumbar vertebrae, causing back pain.
Also, if you don’t get the answers you want, see someone else.

Mon, Jun 29 12:22am · Lower abdomen heaviness after appendectomy with peritonitis in Chronic Pain

That’s good. I had similar feeling from a different condition and would sometimes wear a light elastic brace or binder for support. Nothing too tight. Actually, a favorite was the b- band from Targets maternity section!! Just supportive enough without putting pressure on area.