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11 hours ago · Whats up with my gut in Digestive Health

@januaryjane – about mucous- the large intestine produces mucous and in itself not to worry about. It is common when one has IBS – in my experience.

2 days ago · Lifestyle changes in Digestive Health

The one big change I did was weight loss-45lbs. I actually did this to deal with type 2 diabetes. It made a big difference in dealing with reflux- GERD. There was not all that pressure on my stomach Anymore- less reflux. I had already eliminated a lot of fatty foods that I could not digest after gallbladder surgery.

6 days ago · Baby’s walking age in About Kids & Teens

It’s very ok to be concerned- most times everything is normal anyway, but it’s good to get a professional opinion so you don’t have to worry!

6 days ago · Baby’s walking age in About Kids & Teens

@seacliff – thanks for the information! I just want to stress that some children are slower getting up running than others, but it would still fall within the normal range. My son- now 32- was slow crawling and walking as well as speaking. I think he was laid back! You would never know that now! However, we were recommended to have him evaluated to see if he needed any services. He did get speech therapy for a couple of years. I don’t know if all states are the same- they should be- but if you call the department of health and request an evaluation they will do that at no cost. Also, the state( I think) pays for any services needed up to age 3. From 3 on the school system is responsible. I lived in NY at the time, but it should be the same everywhere. Will you please let me know what you decide to do?

Fri, Nov 15 5:30pm · Baby’s walking age in About Kids & Teens

@seacliff– is your daughter healthy in general? Any problems at birth? Does she say a word or two? Crawling? Lot of questions! Not everyone walks at 12 months. Can she stand up holding on?

Fri, Nov 15 5:25pm · Flu Season and drug-resistant medicines in Lung Cancer

I actually had my first flu shot ever when I had chemo years ago. Also, more recent with other immunosuppressive. I did well both times.

Fri, Nov 15 5:17pm · Celiac Artery Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

@ cheftam – I understand that living in Alaska with a rare medical condition must be very challenging. What happens if someone needs to see a “ super” specialist? Can a doctor in Alaska consult with an expert elsewhere via telemedicine? They can’t just leave you like this!

Fri, Nov 15 8:54am · Flu Season and drug-resistant medicines in Lung Cancer

I have to get the flu shot now! Found out I have to go to FL next week. I always take the flu shot and have been fine- until last year. Actually, in April we all got the flu- influensa A. Horrible. I got pneumonia and spent a couple of days in the hospital.