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5 hours ago · Wondering if anyone has heard of this or tried it in Digestive Health

My daughter was aware of many food sensitivities found in the test- but there was also new information. The food allergies and sensitivities developed almost overnight and caused a lot of confusion and panic in her life. There are many cross reactions too, such as pollen allergies with foods. She had recently been diagnosed with celiac disease – an autoimmune disease that often exists with hypothyroidism, which she already had.
She is feeling much better now. The exposure to all the allergens caused chronic inflammation in the body, which is now more or less gone.

1 day ago · Wondering if anyone has heard of this or tried it in Digestive Health

My daughter recently was tested for food sensitivities through checkmybodyhealth.com
They analyze a hair sample. She developed numerous food sensitivities and allergies in the past year.

2 days ago · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Cancer

Since protein is important for healing and maintenance I wonder if there are protein drinks to supplement your diet? Years ago when I was on chemo for breast cancer I didn’t feel like eating meats- mostly breads, pasta and hot dogs! Nowadays there must be nutritionists that can advice- I hope.

Sat, Jul 6 10:23pm · Undiagnosed and don’t know where to go next in Autoimmune Diseases

@becsbuddy – thank you for asking. She is back to a new normal. It has been very difficult for her, but she is tough in a way and has worked hard to become self sufficient. She moved home to recover and she is still here- not forever though- waiting to save up enough to live alone.

Fri, Jul 5 2:13pm · Undiagnosed and don’t know where to go next in Autoimmune Diseases

@beanie300 – I know how tough your life has been. Sounds like my daughter’s story. After years of multiple health problems- appearing not connected- she was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease caused by a small pituitary tumor. This was the area that is involved in cortisol production. She was 27 at diagnosis, but was tested on and off through the years for endocrine problems. She would have many infections, tachycardia, type 2 diabetes, bipolar diagnosis, severe body pain- fibromyalgia. Also severe mono freshman year, had mono before. She also never had fevers, low temps
Your serum cortisol was normal and low. They typically test 24 hr urines more than once, since cortisol is not always peaking.
I just wanted to share my daughter’s search for an answer. Keep looking!!

Thu, Jun 27 12:36am · Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) in Digestive Health

@red1955 – Sorry to hear about the continued pain postop. I had my MALS surgery 2015 at MUSC in Charleston. I also had significant pain postop – well controlled with neurontin. It faded away after a few months. I was a patient at Mayo earlier. I had Medicare and a supplemental insurance. Mayo fills the insurance forms and then we forward the insurance payment to them. I have been lucky to have everything covered. You could still go to Mayo for your continued problems.

Mon, Jun 24 12:58pm · Gallbladder surgery coming up this week in Digestive Health

@tennisgolf – yes, you can still get gallstones after surgery. I ended up with “sludge”. They just made the bile duct opening larger- was fine. If I eat certain fatty foods I still get cramps and pain for a while. Just avoiding certain fats nowadays.

Sun, Jun 23 11:54pm · Gallbladder surgery coming up this week in Digestive Health

There is significant danger in waiting until you get very sick- you are not a good candidate for surgery then, especially if there is an infection too. I had mine out at 47- early laparoscopic days. My daughter had hers out at 19. You have to sign consent for open surgery in case it becomes necessary due to complications.
I am also 70+ and have realized my body is not as tough as it used to be even if my brain says I’m around 35!