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May 8, 2018 · ~ IBS ~ in Digestive Health

Hello! I’ve been have some stomach problems since the end of January. About an hour or so after I eat (anything) I get gas pains and (usually) diarrhea. I will sometimes feel constipated instead, or feel constipated right after having diarrhea [i know that sounds strange]. Lately I have been noticing orangey red “blobs” in my stool. Today it was just all bright orange specs. I am go to a GI as soon as work and school simmer down a bit. But wondering if anyone had advice on possibly relieving some of the symptoms, or what it could potentially be? The orange/red “blobs” just started appearing within the last week or so but the diarrhea/constipation has been since the end of January. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back!