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Oct 29, 2019 · Metastasized colon cancer: At a loss..what is next? in Caregivers

My husband also has stage 4 colon cancer that spread to his liver and lungs. It is over 8 years now. Most of the reply’s , I see, have given you some great advice. My suggestion here is for your hubby. I did not see any mention of cyber knife ( very pinpointed radiation) . My husband has had this done on MANY of the tumors in his lungs (both lungs). Cyber knife has worked every time. The nodules get zapped with the radiation and then are gone. Not to say other new ones don’t appear but the ones he had radiated are gone. Maybe you can look into this for your hubby. We live near Philadelphia and use Philadelphia Cyber Knife. The doctor is Dr. Lanciano. She has kept my husband alive for many years now. Each person has circumstances related to their specific condition, but this might be an avenue for your hubby.

Jul 20, 2019 · Vectibix in Colorectal Cancer

Has anyone taken Vectibix ? If so what were your side effects? Did it work? My husband will be starting it with Xeloda soon and looking for info on Vectibix. He has been on Xeloda so we know what to expect. Thank you

Apr 30, 2019 · Immunotherapy - Keytruda for colorectal cancer in Colorectal Cancer

My husband has stage 4 colon cancer with mets to liver and lungs. He did not qualify for keytruda so we have not had the opportunity to try it. I was praying he would have qualified. I wish you the best and hope you continue to keep us posted as we are in touch with many colon cancer patients outside of this site and would love to share your experiences with them.

Mar 28, 2019 · Colon cancer with mets to liver and lungs in Colorectal Cancer

I am just seeing this post and not sure if I am missing some of the dialogue,(so I apologize if someone has already mentioned this), but has the patient been tested to determine if qualified for immunotherapy? (Keytruda). It is approved for colon cancer.

Nov 3, 2018 · My husband diagnosed w stage4 terminal in Colorectal Cancer

My husband did chemo ( 5-fu avastin etc) first. He did 6 months of chemo. By the way we were told no hope get our affairs in order too. That was 7 plus years ago. They gave my husband 1-2 yrs at most. Then we went to a liver specialist after most of the colon and liver tumors had shrunk from the chemo. The liver surgeon did a liver resection which is they took half of my husbands liver out. Then 6 weeks later the liver grew back and he had almost the entire other side of the liver taken out along with a large piece of the colon. He went back on chemo for a short time and hasn’t been back on it for over 2 years. However we then found tumors in his lungs, which we have been treating with cyber knife(a very pinpointed type of radiation ). There has been no reoccurrence in the colon or liver since the operations. I hope that helps.

Nov 1, 2018 · My husband diagnosed w stage4 terminal in Colorectal Cancer

GM, my husband was diagnosed with the same thing in 2011. My husband was 57 at the time. He will be celebrating his 65th birthday in a few weeks. His CEA at the time was 298. The AST, ALT are liver results. I don't recall what my husbands AST, ALT were at the time. My husband had cancer in the colon, liver and lungs. It is now 7 years since the terminal diagnosis. We have been very fortunate to be able to have some procedures beyond chemo. I would be more than happy to share our journey and what procedures we had done over these last 7 years. Probably a little too long for this blog. Stay positive. Lots of progress happening in this area ie immunotherapy if you qualify after certain tests.. Wait to see the results and next steps, but again we are happy to share our journey with you and your husband.

Jul 21, 2018 · Realistic CEA Perspective Needed in Colorectal Cancer

Actually, the doctor sometimes orders a petscan and sometimes orders a ctscan. Both have given us insight of reoccurrence. It seems like insurance companies are pushing back on pet scans because of the expense, but ctscans with contrast have given us good info too.

Jul 20, 2018 · Realistic CEA Perspective Needed in Colorectal Cancer

Hi Logan, my husbands has stage 4 colon cancer (colon cancer with Mets to liver and lungs). When he was diagnosed his cea was 298. Yes 298. We have met many, many people with colon cancer during our 7 year journey and some of these folks have had a Cea of over 2,000! ( I just thought I would share this info as a perspective of others cea numbers vs yours) . My husbands numbers have gone as low as 2 after surgery and have climbed in conjunction with new tumors. Usually after treatment ( not only chemo) his numbers go back down again. I think CEA is just one indicator to keep your eye on. I applaud you for trying to get in front of this disease. Knowledge is truly power. I hope this helps.