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3 days ago · Heart Failure - No Symptoms in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you danab@danab, I really do appreciate hearing about your experience, it is very helpful. You certainly have managed your situation well through all the issues. Glad to hear your heart transplant went well. I will continue to investigate options and measure my blood pressure and oxygen saturation on a daily basis. I realize these are minimal tests but they are at least something. The data from this forum is very beneficial. Thanks again.

3 days ago · Heart Failure - No Symptoms in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you hopeful33250 for the information and link to the ACE meds. I certainly will investigate ACE along with Beta Blockers.

5 days ago · Heart Failure - No Symptoms in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you Teresa. I know that 37% is quite low. I have not talked to the doctors in depth about the meds. I have an appointment with my GP 3/10/2020 and I am researching Beta Blockers in as much detail as possible before that time, and based on your comment I will include ACE inhibitors. To be honest what really puzzles me is that I walk 5-6 miles over very rugged terrain every week with very high heart rates with no problems. I really appreciate your information and experience.

5 days ago · Heart Failure - No Symptoms in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks Leonard. I am new at this so maybe I should say thanks Jake. Thanks Both :). I did not discuss the specific benefits and risk factors with my doctor. The scheduling of tests and appointments did not put us together after all the data was in. My doctor told his nurse, who was the last one to communicate with me after all the test data were in, that I didn't want to take the beta blockers. I confirmed that was true. This was the first time I have been diagnosed with heart failure. Previously, last year, I was diagnosed with a moderately leaky Aortic valve (actually the original diagnosis 6 months before was moderately leaky Tricuspid). I see the cardiologist once a year. Below is the ejection fraction.

NYHA class 1 heart failure with reduced ejection fraction; EF estimated 37% on myocardial perfusion study 2/4/20.


5 days ago · Heart Failure - No Symptoms in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks Jake. I did not discuss the pro and con of beta blockers (BB) with my cardiologist. I saw him after the EKG and stress test. We discussed the results. I carried him a graph of my blood pressure and oxygen saturation over 18 months. He showed me the EKG video and said the bottom of the heart was not pumping as vigorously as the top. He said he thought I had had a heart attack. I told him I had not experienced any pain or other symptom. He said he thought I probably I should take medication. He then scheduled me for a "non-stress" stress test the next day; i.e., no treadmill just with the heart at rest. I did not talk with him after this "no stress" stress test but his nurse did call and talked with me and confirmed his diagnosis and said he recommended BB. She also stated correctly that the doctor and I had talked about medication and I was not interested in taking BB. A year ago after EKG and stress tests I was told I had a leaky heart valve. So this is the first time he has said I had heart failure. I have great confidence in my cardiologist since I know several people who he has treated for many years. However, I have researched BB and they basically lower the blood pressure, slow the heart rate. As I mentioned I check my blood pressure every day and have been doing so for a couple of years or more and I don't have high blood pressure. Therefore, based on blood pressure; exercise and no symptoms, I don't think BB would be beneficial. And of course BB have side effects. I am not ignoring my doctor's analysis and I will certainly watch my blood pressure and potential symptoms closely and if things change I will go see my cardiologist. The following is my diagnosis in medical language: NYHA class 1 heart failure with reduced ejection fraction; EF estimated 37% on myocardial perfusion study 2/4/20.

Tue, Feb 18 7:31pm · Heart Failure - No Symptoms in Heart & Blood Health

I was recently diagnosed with "NYHA class 1 heart failure with reduced ejection fraction". I had just completed an EKG and stress test. I am white maile and will be 76 next month. I take no medication. I walk a couple of miles 3 or 4 times per week. I am 5'7' and weigh 138 lbs. I don't smoke (quit 1967). I don't drink alcohol (quit about 10 years ago). I don't use caffeine (quit about 5 years ago). I hunt feral hogs once a week and walk 4-6 miles up and down hills. In most recent hunt 5.1 miles @ 0.9 mph, my max heart rate was 176 BPM. No symptoms at all. No symptoms at any time. I have been taking my blood pressure daily for several years. I have calibrated my blood pressure device with my doctors device. My blood pressure average is 123/80. It varies from 140/90 (very unusual) to 109/70 after exercise. My cardiologist recommended beta blockers. I declined since I have no symptoms. I will very much appreciate hearing any thoughts anyone may have. Thanks you.

Dec 5, 2018 · Video Q&A about Heart Valve Disease and Surgical Options in Heart & Blood Health

What is the expected outcome for tricuspid surgery if the patient is not referred too late and has no advanced cardiac disease?

Nov 21, 2018 · Have you tried to quit smoking while undergoing treatment? in Cancer

I have a friend who had spinal stenosis, twice. Each time he had an operation and was out of the hospital the next day with no pain. We hike very rough terrain so it was a really great result. I understand the surgeon uses a tool to free the nerves in the spinal column. I don't know if you have the same problem but in his case, it was really excellent results.