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Mon, Jul 22 10:18am · Strabismus in Eye Conditions

Thank you so much Lisa @lisalucier for connecting me with others who have talked about adult strabismus. My recovery has followed the expected route. Eight days of 3 different eye drops every hour. Pain that was significant the first 24 hours but semi-controlled with Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Now almost 2 weeks later I only have to do RX drops 2X/day!! If any of the folks @hopeful33250 @kristin1990
@claire1983 @ihatediabetes @rckj @johnhans would like to text me, I am happy to spread my good vision!
@ihatediabetes I started out with prism films and then had prescription prisms in both lenses. Sometimes my vision would change every 3 months and I would have a prism film added and then wait for my new glasses. I could not have survived w/o the miracle of prisms!
I am now on a 4x day eye exercise program to keep my brain/eye muscles/nerves seeing only one image. I will never forget to do these exercises! Good wishes to all.

Mon, Jul 22 10:03am · Strabismus in Eye Conditions

I became a patient at Rochester Mayo in February of 2018 for a different condition that required a 2nd opinion.
I had researched "stabismus surgeons" after I had a failed surgery locally in 2015. When I initially called it was almost a year wait just to be seen. It was truly worth the wait. I had never worn glasses or had eye problems as a child. I started needed readers at 62 yrs. My strabismus was not caused by a stroke, diabetes, myasthenia gravis or thyroid problems. I was diagnosed with esotropia which was probably caused by problems with eye muscles or the way my nerves were not transmitting information to my brain. I remember the term "sagging eye syndrome" was used by my physician also.
But the final comment is……….I see only one image w/o prisms in both lenses! Life is so fine due to the expertise of my eye surgeon at Mayo Clinic!

Thu, Jul 18 5:00pm · Strabismus in Eye Conditions

Just had the most profound eye surgery at Mayo Clinic Rochester for my 9+year problem with double vision. I only see one image now w/o wearing prisms! A big miracle.
My surgeon gave me the "Connect" handout. I cannot find a group associated with this condition. Just wondering if one exists.
Thank you.

Sat, Jan 26 10:18am · adjuvant bisphosphonates in Breast Cancer

Hi Tessfair!
I so understand your situation. I am sending you positive energy and a calm moment. I have metastatic BC.

I had my first biosphosphonate infusion in late November. I have been on letrozole for 10 months. I had a bilateral mastectomy and 6 weeks of proton beam. I was terrified for some reason. Especially since all the other treatments were faced squarely. The infusion was a breeze. It took only 15 minutes.
I have had absolutely no side effects. I am planning on it working wonders and adding quality and quantity to my life.
Have faith that you will make the right decision.

Oct 12, 2018 · electric recliner chair and breast cancer in Breast Cancer

I shopped all over our little town to try out electric recliners. Found the perfect one on sale. I had a double Mastectomy and 14 lymph nodes removed on August 29th. This chair made my life so much easier! I slept in it for almost 4 weeks. Plus it is a terrific chair to read in now that I am feeling so FINE. The salesman remarked that re-sell would be a breeze. Sending healing wishes to your relative.

Sep 10, 2018 · A whirlwind in Breast Cancer

Your post gave me a sunrise an hour early this morning. Thank you for your positive words and encouragement. It was like a giant embrace that filled my being with all I need to enjoy this day. Thank you.

Aug 7, 2018 · Breast Surgery; any advice to prepare for surgery? in Breast Cancer

Hi Kanaaz! Diagnosed January '18 at my home town hospital in Montana. I have invasive ductal cancer in my left breast which has metastasized to my lymph nodes. I have 2 DCIS in my right. I found a strange lump on my left upper breast while showering. I never miss my mammograms except for the one I cancelled August 2017 due to a shoulder injury and non-ability to undergo mammogram. I went to Mayo for a second opinion in February. My Oncologist at Mayo put me on Letrozole and I have had wonderful success with it. My K-i 67 dropped from 19 to 2 in only 31 days! Feeling grateful and positive that I am doing everything to promote many years enjoying my world!

Aug 5, 2018 · Breast Surgery; any advice to prepare for surgery? in Breast Cancer

My surgery is August 29th at Mayo and I wish I could reach out and give you 50 hugs for all your terrific suggestions! Thank you so very much!