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May 24, 2018 · Complications with Statins in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Peach. Figuring out who/what Institution to trust for any specific health concern is BRUTAL. I did the search for needed heart surgery a few months ago and hit brick walls, obfuscation, and anger when I asked qualifying questions from a number of surgical groups and surgical centers. I was thoroughly rejected by a local hospital, complete with a nssty letter from their attorey who siaaid I was not welcome at their hospital. I have no great answers to give you except to research the US Health News re: specific Institutions like the Mayo Clinic: At the end of my lengthy process, I bet my life with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota due to the Institution's reputation, not because I was able to get details about any specific suregeons. My damn difficult surgery went well…over 10 hours on the table. BTW, Mayo/Rochester is like a 5 Star Hotel…pretty incredible facilities and talent all over the place…even the food was quite good. I empathize with you regarding your research.

May 23, 2018 · Congestive heart failure- Overmedicated? in Heart & Blood Health

Wow great tip…demonstrates that people need to be their own best advocate, and seek advocates who hav
e great knowledge.

Apr 8, 2018 · On going shortness of breath in Heart & Blood Health

I found out I had a heart attack also, one day before undergoing open heart surgery (aortic valve replacement, mitral valve repair and CABG x 3). One has to always be vigilant and have a strong, knowledgable advocate pushing for your best interests. Stuff is always missed in communication between doctors…and between doctors and lower staff…always. I am happy to have survived and respect my surgeons…but communucation between humans is always flawed…. I count at least 4 major miscommunications during my overall 2 month experiences…some with Mayo staff..some with doctors/staff/hospitals outside of Mayo. Lots of hands..ears…minds…distractions. Scary stuff. Be vigilant. I question all people and all makes me appear to be a malcontent and lots of excuses are made when errors are found. No medical person stands up and admits error of any consequence.

Feb 23, 2018 · Mitral valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you Darla..I did this already…the info at Healthgrades for my veteran surgeon has virtually no reviews…no historical info of substance…but, thanks for the tip. I am surprised the hospital, which is sooo awesome doesn't provide the info reflexively to each new patient. Mayo is top shelf…I am confident that all their surgeons are fabulous, which is why I made the decision to trust the Institution..but the lack of info about the surgeons baffels/frustrates me. Occassionally, one finds surgeons and hospitals marketing their services, and they speak of surgeons specifically having done 10,000 surgeries, etzc…stuff that's mind blowing…but, their hospitals as a whole have poor to average rankings. I wish the info was required to be provded by some licensing or State agencies, but, it is not.

Feb 23, 2018 · Mitral valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

This is my 1st Post, so, I hope I do this correctly. I am about to have valve and maybe some CABG surgery, but, I don't have an understanding of who I can ask questions of to know why my surgeon was selected for me, as well as basic questions like how many similar surgeries my surgeon has done in the last 3 – 6 – 12 months…last 5 years and career. What results patients have had – I see no reviews anywhere. I suspect the elected surgeon is terrific, but, I have extreme concern that my asking questions will alienate me from the surgeon and staff. I have no interest in creating disharmony…it just seems like this sort of info should be made readily available so I don't have to ask the surgeon directly about his background…possibly create hard feelings, etc.. It seems to me the info should be presented by objective, statistical data or from a 3rd party or managment team. Help please. This info must be available somewhere – somehow without causing an upset.