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Mar 6, 2018 · Switching antidepressants in Depression & Anxiety

Hi! After 2&1/2 months on Effexor, my triglycerides tripled, I am diabetic after having NEVER been before in my life, and I gained 15 lbs.. but my doctor has asked me to try to get the numbers and weight down thru diet until my next blood work in May because the Effexor is working so well for me.I have cut out wheat and sugar, as well as excess salt, and am measuring all my food. I have lost four pounds and my sugar was down yesterday to 116 from 143 at blood work time. BUT, my doctor promised me if there wasn't no significant improvement by May with everything, he is going to explore other anti depressants. Yeah well I want back on Prozac. I was on it for 27 years and had no problems when last fall it stopped working and I went into what the psychiatrist called Prozac poop out. I am hoping that after six months off of it, I can return to it. I do not want a trade off of failing health just because I am not depressed..

Feb 16, 2018 · venlafaxine xr withdrawal Please help in Depression & Anxiety

Hi! I just joined and am anxious to share my experience with Effexor. After 27 years on a 60 mg daily dose of Prozac, I admitted myself to the hospital due to a major depressive episode that had me non functional, I was told by the psychiatrist that I was suffering from " Prozac poop out", which is what the medical community calls it. She weaned me off the Prozac while starting a 75 mg dose of Rffexor. I felt a change for the better literally in three days. I have been on Effexor for three months now, and in preparation for my family doctor visit next week, I had the routine blood work done that he always orders. I was shocked to see that my triglycerides have gone from 121 to an astounding 348, and my fasting blood sugar which has always been in the 90's is suddenly 123. I was also started on Jan 1 a combo BP pill of losartan/ hudrochlorothiazide. After eliminating white flour and white sugar for four days, my fasting sugar was 140 this morning. ( my husband is diabetic so I can test my sugars at home). I have been surfing WEB MD, and it appears that all of this could definitely be due to these two new meds. I desperately want to go back on Prozac and will be asking my doctor what to do as I DO NOT want to go on more meds for all of these side effects! Oh, and did I mention that it appears I am now full blown metabolism syndrome too! All of this and only THREE months on Effexor!