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Mar 5, 2018 · 13-Year Old and Reading Troubles in About Kids & Teens

I don't know how to quantify his abilities. Is there specialized testing that can be done? If so, where would I find a location. We do have him in Sylvan but I don't know if they are looking for that type of ability. I would assume they could pick that out but he is very reluctant to go even though he says he has learned some tips from them on test taking. We have seen an improvement in 2 of his subjects, Social Studies and Literature. He received an A on a test for Social Studies and a C in his Literature test. Very good improvements based on us slowing him down and studying with him. Our focus now is just slowing him down and taking time to review. Any further suggestions are very much appreciated.

Feb 17, 2018 · 13-Year Old and Reading Troubles in About Kids & Teens

Thank you for your reply. We have tested our boy for reading by 2 separate people/organizations and he shows good reading skills and comprehension. ADD, ADHD and Dislexia do not seem to be a concern from either group. Yes we are concerned with technology influencing his abilities. We are focusing on him going too fast when reading and writing and he has confirmed that he does not want to slow down. He gets board with us and his teachers moving too slow and we are focusing on slowing him down. Any suggestions?

Feb 15, 2018 · 13-Year Old and Reading Troubles in About Kids & Teens

We have a 13 year old boy who does not like to read and we believe this is affecting his test/quiz grades in school. What he has told us is that he loses interest very quickly, about 1/2 page or less, and does not retain much of anything. His mind wanders when he starts to read. As his father, I remember having the same difficulties when I was young and I never got into reading. My reading skills today are what I call technical reading and only pick out the items I am interested. I would like to help my son to enjoy reading, which will help his grades in school but I don’t know how to structure any type of lessons. I have found personally that when I read faster I can grasp some of the words better and understand and enjoy reading more. It may sound a bit weird but my thought is that his mind is going too fast and needs to slow down to read, which causes him to lose interest. Does anyone have any insight on this type of problem?