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Feb 15, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Jim,
Lovely to hear from you. I had six sessions of ECT over a two week period when I was an inpatient. I felt so much better immediately.I have not had any further sessions of ECT since. It was really amazing as I had been so unwell for the previous four months. I am currently on a small dose of a SNRI. My psychiatrist says that as the ECT worked so well for me it will always work if I become really unwell at some stage in the future. This is so reassuring to know.
I would recommend pursuing the possibility of having the ECT if you were approved for it. You will know yourself if it was of Amy benefit to you.



Feb 15, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hi Teresa,
Thank you for your kind note.

Feb 15, 2018 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

I have suffered from depression since 1988. I am now 59 years old. My GP treated me for many years with varying degrees of success. Looking back now he should have sent me to a psychiatrist for treatment. I had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 2011 for a major depressive episode. Initially I was being treated for anxiety. The team in the hospital decided to focus more on the depression aspect of my illness. My GP would have always said that the anxiety was the outward symptom of my depression. I did not need Xanax to treat the anxiety element of my depression. After two months the doctors decided to try ECT and change my melds to SNRIs. The results were amazing. I knew this treatment had worked for me. I know there is a lot of controversy with ECT. I was discharged shortly afterwards.
When I came home I made contact with a clinical psychologist. I attended the psychologist for the next year every fortnight . We used CBT and Mindfulness as our main tools to aid me in my recovery.
Never give up hope. I never thought that I would ever feel the way that I am currently feeling.