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Tue, Mar 19 6:33pm · Afib ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Husband had an ablation almost two weeks ago and his BP has been running low the last few days. Now it is 100 over 53. I had him drink a bottle of water and then laid down to elevate his feet. Nothing changes. Do any of you experience a lower than usual blood pressure?

Wed, Mar 13 9:03pm · Afib ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@kanaazpereira Thank you. He has not talked to his cardiologist since the evening of the ablation and everything about that was very well explained. The ECG ordered was not yet explained in layman's terms, but I'm sure it will be when they have seen the results of his appointment tomorrow. Thank you for the information.

Wed, Mar 13 6:53am · Afib ablation in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My husband had an ablation last week and got a call today requesting he get an ECG (preferably today), because something showed up different on their ECG than before. Since we live in the boonies the soonest he can get in is Thursday. The only thing that shows numbers that changed quite a bit is the P Axis degree went from a 78 to a 22. Does that mean anything to you?

Thu, Jan 3 1:11pm · Electrophysiology Study in Heart & Blood Health

My DH heart rate started going higher so they upped his metroprolol and he's been doing well since. We postponed his mayo appt for 2019 allowing us time to get better insurance. In two weeks he'll be there for an EKG, Echocardiogram and Holter monitor. He's had the first two done before, but not the Holter. Is there anything we should know about it? Any Mayo tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Dec 11, 2018 · Cerebral amyloid angiopathy in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

My mom was diagnosed over 10 years ago and although parts of her cognitive thinking has worsened (she's 82), she was in worse shape 10 years ago than she is now. Mayo (MN) also said there is not much that can be done, but I'm sure they'd be impressed she is doing so well. Good sleep makes a big difference. Best of luck for your wife.

Oct 29, 2018 · Electrophysiology Study in Heart & Blood Health

Now that makes sense! I kept looking for the edit button and thought my vision was affected. LOL Thank you.

Oct 28, 2018 · Electrophysiology Study in Heart & Blood Health

Martin, I did an online appointment request today and expect to hear from them within 3 business days or will follow up with a phone call. THANK YOU for the extra nudge we needed!

Oct 28, 2018 · Electrophysiology Study in Heart & Blood Health

Your message made me realize I made a mistake, as it was decided he 'not' have the Electrophysiology Study.
I thank you very much for your insight. The VA started years ago getting him ready for some alternative mouth piece instead of a Cpap and he had dental work to prepare his mouth for it, but with different dentists, doctors, timing, etc it all went by the wayside and back to square one now. His only appt with the cardiologist was done over a video. She was in the Bronx and we are in MN. His heartrate is not been under 100 for over a week, and we check it several times each day. Since he doesn't have private insurance (only medicare) I don't think Mayo will take him, but I think we need a second opinion on meds and treatment and are willing to start from square one. Thank you for giving us food for thought as to what to prepare. Greatly appreciated.